Fashion & Furniture Collide

Self-expression takes a variety of forms, but perhaps the most effective and attainable way of reflecting our personalities is through style, mainly in what we choose to wear and what we bring into our homes.

That’s right, style is no longer just defined by sartorial choices. Fashion, as we know it, has evolved into more than just clothing and accessories, and is now all about a broader lifestyle that involves its equally fascinating nemesis, interior design. Home is now where the fashion is too.


Fashion and interior design have always had an inextricably entwined link. Aside from serving as invaluable outlets for self-expression and autonomy, both share the same aesthetic concepts - studying trends, selecting colors and fabrics, playing around with textures and experimenting with various material combinations. The only difference is where they get their source of inspiration.

The rise of the digital age and social media culture changed that. The internet allowed interior designers and consumers to have the same universal access to emerging trends. The latest designs are suddenly available with just a quick search online, the hottest prints and style immediately shared to millions with a tweet or an Instagram post. This broadened the influence of fashion and made it a significant driver and inspiration in the world of interior design.

Living area showing white fabric sofa with decorative pillows on print white fabric throws gold side table buffet table and printed wall vinyl wallcovering model walking on runway with white printed dress with fringe

Image via Winnipeg Free Press Homes


Because of consumers' increased access to fashion trends, it is only a matter of time when they realize that they can dress their homes to match or complement how they outfit themselves. Basically, an article of clothing can inspire and be replicated in the world of interior design, letting consumers have their fun and not be confined to traditional styles.

According to interior decorator Mariana Kero, there are three prevalent trends in interior design, each of which were “borrowed” from the fashion world. These would be velvets, metallic, and floral patterns. Florals, specifically, can be traced to luxury designer brand Gucci’s use of colorful prints in its collection.

Woman with designer's handbag on street with red dress and white skirt dining room with floral wallpaper wood plank flooring huge blown glass chandeliers dark wood dining table and leather dining chairs

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”
by Frank Gehry

Bold colors and graphic prints that have found their way to accent our homes came straight from the runway too.

Man and woman models on runway on blue printed robes living area with burgundy sofa yellow pillows blue painted wall and printed wall arts

Image via Houzz


When you think of Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, the first thing that comes to mind are clothes, bags and accessories. Not anymore.

With the seamless transition of fashion trends into the home, the fashion world has recognized that some consumers may not be willing to invest in a piece of quality clothing, but the perception shifts when it relates to spending for the home. We see more and more famous fashion designers adding interior collections to their arsenal, from street, mid-range to luxury brands.

A perfect example of this crossover would be American brand Kate Spade, which has now expanded its famous whimsical style to your kitchen, bedroom and bath. Their colorful prints are no longer just in clothes and bags, but you can choose to outfit your home with them too. Now you don’t just wear them, you can cook with them, eat and sleep in them too.

Bedroom with pink painted wall printed beddings gold sconce lights and white wall with printed lemon apron rugs and liquor kart

Image via Minnirella

French luxury brand Hermes has also joined the bandwagon, bringing their trademark craftsmanship and timeless, quality design to their homeware. If you can’t bring yourself to splurge on a Kelly or Birkin bag, this Les Necessaires d'Hermes "cabriolet" chair lets you express your love for the brand, and let your household and guests experience it too.

Hermes designed lounge chair with medium high back in upholstered leather brown fabrics and wooden legs

Image via Hermes

For all out luxury, there’s the Versace Home Collection.

Versace's Home Collection of 2020 showing clue green and pink color combination for sofa grey lounge chairs decorative pillows on colorful printed and gold side tables and coffee tables

Image via Lifestyle Asia

Versace Home has indeed taken fashion into a whole new level with their venture in interior design. The fashion powerhouse developed a dedicated design service that supports developers in creating interiors with the distinctive and coveted Versace style - they have projects all over the world that include residential buildings, resorts and hotels.

One of these projects is the Milano Residences in Manila, Philippines, whose interiors are stylishly outfitted in the brand's exclusive designs.

Century properties in the Philippines called The Milano Residence showing a lobby with Versace furniture and decors with marble floor printed blue sofa and lounge chairs vertical glass chandeliers palm indoor plants high ceiling lobby

Image via Century Properties 

Likewise, interior designers do crossover to fashion too! British interior brand Morris & Co created a line for popular street brand H&M using textile prints from their archives; French industrial architect and designer Philippe Starck created a capsule collection for Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema.

Morris & co H&M collaboration showing a women's coat on print

Image via Morris Molloy Interior Design

Living area showing upholstered sofa decorative pillows wood and glass coffee table wicker basket and modern nordic decorative items


The possibilities are endless when fashion inspires, or ventures into interior design. Today’s consumer now has an excellent chance of finding a home décor that expresses their taste perfectly. Someone who likes bold prints but can’t wear them has the option to have that same print displayed in her living room or wallpaper.

Not only that, this synthesis of fashion and interior design also gives consumers greater access to iconic couture, and targets specific fashion tastes. It is to everyone’s advantage that these timeless fashion brands are extending their craftsmanship beyond clothing and accessories, and teaching us a thing or two about investing in quality pieces that can be passed on to generations. Interior designers could only be excited to have these available to their clients.

This fusion of fashion and interior design only seeks to benefit the consumer with more unique options for expression, and for brands to keep coming up with creative ways to satisfy them.

Model on runway on coat and black bag living area with upholstered puffy sofa wood plan floor white walls and wood chairs

Image via Harpers Bazaar

Whether it’s through the perfect dress, shoes, wallpaper or beddings, expressing an individual style by dressing up yourself or your home has never been more exciting. Some will choose to invest in their outfits; some will choose to spend their budget in their homes. It is definitely interesting how seamlessly trends have been adapted in the world of interior design, and how these influences will give us more fascinating trends to look forward to.

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