We were fortunate to end 2022 with another exciting residential exterior renovation. As mentioned in some of our stories and blogs about projects that we did in the past, the exterior design is one of the primary services we offer clients or homeowners looking to upgrade the façade of their existing houses.

2 Storey facade and balcony renovation, marikina, philippines

The exterior renovation of an existing two-storey house in Marikina, Philippines, is probably one of the most extraordinary projects we finished last year. The Owner wanted a fresh and upgraded design and was leaning towards converting the exterior to a mix of modern and industrial styles.

The Existing Conditions

When designing for an existing house, whether for interior or exterior designs, it is essential always to check the current condition of the space or home. Repurposing or reusing any existing features of the house that are still in good condition can create massive savings for the Owner.

The existing house has metal garage doors and a main gate that lead to the entrance. Both metal garage doors and gate are still in good condition and need fresh paints that match the new façade design. The second floor has a balcony directly above the front garage and wraps the upper level from the front to the left side of the house. It has metal railings damaged with rust due to the area's harsh weather.

One of the major requirements from the Owner is to build a wall on the left side of the balcony to create privacy from the adjacent house. They were also thinking of replacing the balcony floor with more durable flooring and adding tiles to the concrete façade. Of course, there are many possibilities to redesign the façade, but the timeline and budget are of significant concern.

Below are some photos of the existing house before the renovation.

existing condition of the 2 storey house to be renovated

The Design

As mentioned, the mix of modern and industrial styles is the best direction for the house's new façade. We needed to combine concrete-looking tiles, black metals and glass to achieve this look. The longevity of these materials is also a big concern, so we looked for materials that will last a long time, even in the harshest weather of the Philippines.

We retained the metal garage doors and gates and painted them black with light brown as the accent. To accentuate the balcony and some parts of the façade, we introduced exterior concrete-looking tiles that go well with all the black metal trims.

renderings of the new 2 storey house facade showing new finishes and materials

rendering of the new facade design with the concrete looking exterior tiles

rendering of the new facade design with the concrete looking exterior tiles

The existing balcony metal railings were removed and replaced with new frosted acrylic panels with stainless steel supports. The privacy wall on the left side of the house was added, as well as new polycarbonate roofing with metal supports to cover that part of the balcony.

rendering of the new balcony showing new finishes

rendering of the new balcony showing new finishes

Because of the additional privacy wall and translucent roofing, we could create a small garden on the balcony—a unique space to relax, meditate, and entertain guests.

To wrap the overall look of the façade, we decided to change all window and door trims, metal supports, existing roof gutter and eaves underside colour to black. We changed the colour to add boldness and modern touch to the complete exterior design of the house.

The Result

The exterior renovation was successful and was concluded before the end of 2022. Our client was so happy with the result, and as always, we are very honoured to be part of their house's transformation. Even though the ultimate goal is to upgrade the façade of their existing home, we successfully retained the house's original soul and memories. Behind all the nice and brand-new finishes, recapturing all the memories from the house's original design has always been the primary goal of the renovation.

photo after renovation

 photo after renovation

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our past projects. Feel free to email me at rbutaran@rocabudesigns.com for design inquiries or questions about this project, and subscribe to our newsletter for our new project updates.

Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.


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