Design Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights and Our Top 10 Picks

If you're after an eye-catching and visually stunning interior design, lighting is a must, especially pendant lights!

These trendy light fixtures are all the rage these days! They can boost the interior style of any room and sprinkle a bit of class on its overall appearance. So, pick your lighting fixtures wisely to create a killer design that wows everyone!

Design Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights and Our Top 10 Picks

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Discover pendant lights with their different styles, adding a touch of magic to your well-designed interior space. Hang them right with our helpful tips and discover the top 10 designs that will elevate your space!

What is Pendant Light?

Modern Pendant Lights, Black Lamp Holder Pendant Light Socket White Glass Pendant Lamp Shade,LED Hanging Light (Black, Large)Image via Amazon (White Glass Pendant Lamp)

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling with flair, suspended by a metal chain, rod, or cord. They're like a dazzling centerpiece for any room, with various styles, sizes, and finishes to suit your interior design overall look.

What's So Great About Pendant Light?

Boho Rattan Pendant Light Fixtures Ceiling Hanging, 1 Light Wicker Farmhouse Chandeliers for Kitchen Bedroom Dining Room Living Room Hallway StaircaseImage via Amazon (Rattan Pendant Light)

One of the key perks of pendant lights is how versatile they are. No matter what kind of interior you have - modern, minimalist, or traditional - a pendant light can effortlessly fit in or stand out.

Pendant lights can be placed around your house, from the kitchen to the boudoir, to make every room shine.

Center of Attention and Vibe

17" Black and Gold Finish Glass Cover Luxurious Hanging Light, 4 Lights Globe Vintage Pendant Ceiling Light Fixtures for Living Room Entry Way HallwayImage via Amazon (Vintage Pendant Entryway Light)

Pendant lights are the superstars of room transformation. Whether you choose a bold statement pendant or a group of smaller ones, they sparkle and ignite conversations.

Plus, pendant lights let you control the vibe of a room. You can create moods with dimmable bulbs or adjustable heights, from lively and bright to snug and cozy.

Spicing Things Up Visually

Black LED Hanging & Pendant Light, Dimmable Black Hanging & Pendant Lamp for Living Room Dining Room BedsideImage via Amazon (Black LED Pendant Light)

Pendant lights are like eye candy for your space. They come in various shapes, like geometric, globe, or organic, and can have patterns that make your head spin. Choose one that matches your style and create a dazzling atmosphere!

Functional Lighting Solution

1-Light Pendant Light, Matte Black, Clear Ribbed Glass Shade, Matte Brass Accent, Pendant Light Fixture, Kitchen Island, Adjustable Height, Home Décor LightingImage via Amazon (Ribbed Glass Pendant Light)

Pendant lights aren't just about looking good; they serve a purpose. They provide task lighting for nightstands, kitchen islands, and dining tables. And let's not forget that they bring a touch of elegance to the space while ensuring you have enough light for all your activities.

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    Design Tips for Choosing and Hanging Pendant Lights

    Adding pendant lights can elevate your interior space, bringing elegance and functionality, but choosing the right one and hanging or installing them can be a bit of a challenge. But don't worry, we've got your back!

    We've got some helpful tips on choosing and hanging pendant lights to ensure you strike the perfect balance of style and usefulness in your home.

    Think About the Scale

    Weaving Natural Rattan Pendant Lighting Rope Lamp Shade Indoor Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture Handmade LampshadeImage via Amazon (Rattan Pendant Light)

    When picking pendant lights, remember to think about the room's size and the furniture it'll hang over. A tiny pendant light might vanish in a considerable space, while a massive pendant can overpower a small area. 

    Know the Purpose

    Clear Glass Pendant Light with Brass Gold Base, Ceiling Light Hanging Lamp for Bedside Dining Table Kitchen IslandImage via Amazon (Clear Glass Pendant Light)

    Before hanging pendant lights, grasp their purpose: task lighting, ambiance, or decor. Get it, and select the right size, height, and style for your space!

    Find the Right Balance

    Black Pendant Light Farmhouse Chandeliers Modern Kitchen Island Light Fixtures Square Pendant Light Ceiling Hanging Dinning Room Light Over Sink with Sturdy Glass ShadeImage via Amazon (Farmhouse Pendant Light)

    Making sure your pendant lights are evenly spaced and balanced is vital. They should be equidistant from each other and positioned just right above the surface they're illuminating. This will give your space a cohesive and visually pleasing vibe.

    Measure the Height

    4-Light Clear Glass Globe Chandelier Pendant Lighting Fixtures, Brass Gold Base with Clear Glass Ball Hanging Lamp for Kitchen Island (Clear)Image via Amazon (Clear Glass Globe Pendant Light)

    Hang your pendant lights at the right height for maximum functionality and style. Go for 7' from the finish floor to the bottom of the light fixture if you want general lighting. But if you're using the lights to brighten up a specific area, like a kitchen island or dining table, lower them to around 36 inches from countertop to bottom of light fixture.

    Style Matters

    1 Light Rattan Pendant Light Wicke Chandelier Boho Pendant Light for Dining Room Restaurant WhiteImage via Amazon (Rattan Pendant Light)

    When it comes to pendant lights, you've got endless options! From contemporary and scandi to classic and intricate, there's a style for every taste. Just remember to choose pendant lights that match your existing decor and give your space an extra charm.


    Pendant Light, Hanging Lamps with Plug in Cord and Dimmer Switch, Black Plug in Chandelier for Kitchen Island Dining Room Living Room BedroomImage via Amazon (Black Pendant Lamp with Dimmer)

    How about adding dimmer switches for your pendant lights to spice things up? With this nifty addition, you can play around with the brightness and set the perfect ambiance for any occasion!

    Call in the Experts

    If you're feeling a bit iffy about the electrical stuff or how to put it all together, it's best to get some help from the pros. Electricians can ensure your pendant lights are installed safely and soundly, giving you that sweet peace of mind.

    The Best 10 Pendant Light Designs for a Seriously Elevated Space

    Choosing the right pendant light among all these stunning designs? It's like picking the most dazzling star in the galaxy! In this part of the blog, we'll unveil the top 10 pendant light designs that bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

    1) Spherical Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Brikey Glass Spherical Pendant Light, Gold Iron & Glass Globe Hanging Ceiling Lamp (7.8'', Grey)

    Globe or orb pendant lights have a round shape, adding a modern vibe to any space. This pendant light is all about its stylish, imperfect shape! It adds a touch of modernity to any space, whether it's your bedroom nightstand or kitchen island counter.

    2) Geometric Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Luxury 18W LED Geometric Pendant Light Fixture, Black and Gold Finish - Ideal for Dining Room, Kitchen Island Light - 1000 Lumens, 2700 Kelvin, No Bulb Required

    If you want to make a statement, geometric pendant lights are great options! This fancy pendant light blends cubes and spheres, adding a modern and artsy touch to any space!

    3) Black Industrial Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Black Industrial Pendant Light < Bulb Included > Farmhouse 1-Light Small Chandelier with Adjustable Cord, Clear Bubble Glass Shade, Hanging Lights for Hallway, Kitchen Island, Dinning Room

    Industrial pendant lights have a raw and rugged look. They're like the cool kids inspired by factories and warehouses. This pendant light is all about that metal accent, glass shade, and vintage finishes. It's like adding a dash of industrial charm to any modern or rustic space!

    4) Crystal Pendant Lamp (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Crystal/Metal LED Chandelier Pendant Glam Contemporary Transitional Dimmable Dining Room Living Room Kitchen Foyer Bedroom Hallway, 16", Antique Brass/Clear

    Crystal pendant lights are a fabulous pick for people who want a hint of glitz and glam. This globe pendant light has sparkling crystals that dance and twist light, creating a jaw-dropping effect- ideal for adding spice to dining rooms, entryways, or bedrooms.

    5) Groovy Mid-Century Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Mid Century Modern Pendant Light fixtures Glass Globe Pendant Lights Black with Hand Blown Glass Shade 1-Lights Adjustable Cord Ceiling Hanging Lighting for Dining Room Table Kitchen

    The design trends of the 50s and 60s inspire groovy mid-century pendant lights. This very stylish pendant light rocks purple hand-blown glass shades and black metal hardware, bringing a blast from the past into your cozy abode!

    6) Stained Glass Art Deco Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Art Deco Pendant Lamp Craftsman Tiffany Geometric Hanging Lamp Stained Glass Pendant Lighting Fixture in Multi Color Ceiling Hanging Light for Dining Room Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar- 8"

    Art Deco pendant lights are known for their geometric shapes, fancy materials, and fancy details. With its vibrant stained glass shades and bold geometric shapes, this classy pendant light will bring glam and class to any space!

    7) Nordic Pendant Lamps (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Lighting Nordic Modern Macaron Pendant Light 3-Pack Farmhouse Barn Pendant Light Colorful Pendant Lighting Kitchen Island Lights Ceiling Hanging Over Island (Big)

    Scandinavian or Nordic pendant lights are famous for their simplicity, functionality, and organic materials. This pendant lamp is all about sleek lines, pastel-colored shades, and minimalist styles - perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.

    8) Bohemian Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    1 Light Bohemian Chandelier Rattan Pendant Lighting PVC Ceiling Hanging Light Fixture for Dinning Room Farmhouse Bedroom

    Bohemian pendant lights embody creativity, color, and quirky designs. This pendant lamp features natural elements and handcrafted details- guaranteed to bring a boho-chic and spontaneous feel to your space.

    9) Charming Rustic Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Metal Pendant Lights,Wood Accent, Perforated Pattern, Rustic Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island, Dining Room, Living Room

    The charm of the rustic countryside and Mother Nature inspires these pendant lights that evoke a sense of rustic whimsy. This pendant lamp has a cool distressed metal shade and wood base accent- the epitome of cozy and rustic charm, adding serious homey look to your space.

    10) Modern Minimalist Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Modern Black Cubic LED Light Pendant Lamp Chandelier Lighting Fixture 12" Wide 12" Deep 12" High, Daylight Cool White 6000K

    Modern minimalist pendant lights are all about sleek and clean designs. This pendant light showcases sleek geometric forms, a cool black metal finish, and a subtle hardware detail- essential for achieving a clean, contemporary vibe in any room.

    Pendant lights are versatile design elements that can revamp any interior space's vibe and visual appeal. With just one of these top 10 pendant light designs and the design tips on this blog, you'll transform your space into a visually stunning environment that showcases your style and amps up your interior design.

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