2023 Interior Design Trends & Predictions

Hi, fellow design enthusiasts! It's the time of the year again when everyone is hopeful and excited to begin another journey. Last year was a year of experimentation and learning about entrepreneurship for Rocabu Designs. And for this year, we aim to apply what we've learned and hope for a much brighter future and success for our thriving design firm.

2023 Interior Design Trends & Predictions

One common way to peek into our future, whether to know if we're in luck for money, love or success, is to read our horoscope for predictions. Most people do this at the start of the year because they are curious, and some take this very seriously to guide them for the rest of the year. In the interior design universe, most designers (myself included) usually list their design predictions for the entire year.

These design predictions can be trends that are about to be the next big thing, new styles, repurposed old styles, colours, finishes, materials and many other things that involve creating improved spaces for commercial or residential projects. For this blog, I listed the things I think will be in the design world this year based on my years of experience and conversations with different Clients and homeowners. So, let's dig in!

Boldness as a year-long trend

Commercial renderings by Rocabu Designs

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Since everything is almost back to normal, most of us are very excited to do all the things we missed during and after the pandemic, it's like everything is overdue, and this is the best year to fill in all the gaps. And because the majority of us are super pumped to continue living, trying and exploring, most of us will surely go big and bold.

In interior design, especially home renovations, finishes with bold patterns and vibrant colours can be the newest go-to for this year. It's a positive trend in design because most homeowners want to try something unique, noticeable and exciting. We got tired of staring at white walls, white subway tiles and grey flooring for the past three years. So, go out in the wild, explore the most colourful tiles and wall coverings, combine all the patterns you love, and try weird-looking furniture and décor pieces- don't hold back; this is the year to be bold.

Wellness for peace of mind

bathroom for meditation by rocabu designs

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I'm sure that many will agree when I say that one of the most important lessons we learned from last year and during the pandemic is that we need to invest and do something about our wellness. But what exactly does wellness means? You'll find many definitions in Google, but for me, it is a healthy habit or a safe place where we strive to keep a healthy life.

This year, I can see how most of us will invest in our homes to improve the wellness aspect of our lives. Adding home gyms or dedicated space for meditations might continue this year. Some of us might go further and experiment with growing healthy foods in our basements or construct a greenhouse as an extension of our homes to grow our food.

Metallic is the New Sophisticated

library design created by rocabu designs

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Gold finishes have been a big thing this past few years; this accent finish or colour makes a plain space looks sophisticated and high-end. Experimenting with other metallic finishes, such as bronze and chrome, is becoming trendy and might get into the design spotlight this year.

Using gold finishes for plumbing fixtures and matching them with chrome millwork handles can create an exciting play of metallic finishes in your kitchen or bathroom. There are also tons of metallic finishes for wallcoverings that can easily match your existing flooring and plain-painted walls. Finally, you can add an accent metallic wall paint finish to one of your walls to add an exciting accent.

Painted Millwork

residential pantry designed by rocabu designs

When the year ended, we saw a trend of painted cabinet doors in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Most new millwork designs used tones of greens, blues & yellows to introduce an accent colour in a space. If contemporary is the style you're digging for, this is the best direction to pursue.

Paint trends in millwork finishes are undoubtedly a hit for 2023 because of their simplicity and clean look. Wood-looking high-pressure laminates will always be the go-to for durability; however, the paint finishes cabinets are an easy alternative for their cost effectiveness which is also a considerable design restriction for this year.

Technology & Sustainability

living area designed by rocabu designs

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I did a blog last year about my list of the best innovative products and materials for your home or business space. I'm pretty sure some of the products on that list are already outdated because of new technologies being released daily. Technologies in home products are supposed to make our everyday work more comfortable and manageable.

I can't predict the new technologies and innovative products coming out this year (for homes & business spaces). Still, I'm sure most of us are willing to invest in these technologies to make our homes more secure, automated, healthy and greener than ever. These technological advancements aren't only for your security or voice commands lights and appliances; most will also come from finishes such as paints, floors or wallcoverings that automatically clean the air you breathe in the space. Indeed sounds fantastic, but some might cost you a lot of money.

Kitchen no more

kitchen design by rocabu designs

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I'm hoping that this prediction will not happen this year or ever. It is just an interesting lesson about the shift in lifestyles for most of us, especially for people living in smaller homes like apartments and condos. Cooking your food is becoming a necessity of the past, and ordering it from your fave restaurant and using delivery services such as Uber eats is now replacing it.

I'm just wondering if the kitchen is now a waste of space for smaller condos. A home gym or a home office can replace kitchens. I know it's a crazy idea, but it feels wrong when thinking about it. It might not be a thing yet, hopefully not this year, but I'm sure it's possible in the future.

The Future

future of design by rocabu designs

New trends, hybrid styles, the colour of the year and fresh finishes will be introduced this year; it will be up to us how to use and apply them to create great spaces that will make our lives better than last year. It might be super tempting to change that wall colour to Viva Magenta (Pantone's colour of 2023) or the latest wallpaper from your go-to wallcovering supplier. Always remember that trends come and go, and your own space should speak your personality and offer your comfort.

2023 is the year of filling the gap and trying new things. So, go out there and explore new possibilities brought by these new beginnings.

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Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.



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