9 Best Color Yellow Finishes & Decors to Use in Any Rooms

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the color yellow? Do you have strong emotions about this vibrant color? Is it that specific color you hate or like depending on your mood?

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In interior design, yellow incorporates the warmth and a splash of color into a space. It evokes a feeling of happiness and promotes high energy and alertness. It can bring positivity, creativity, and optimism and makes someone communicate more. Most of the time, yellow is used in interior spaces of hospitality and healthcare projects because of the advantages and energy it brings to human emotions.

In residential interiors, I prefer yellow in home gyms, offices, kitchens, and dining rooms. Some homeowners also like shades of yellow in their bedroom as it relaxes their mind rather than instill energy. Most of the time, it depends on how your mind perceives the color and your past experiences involving the color yellow.

I am a big fan of yellow, especially in architecture and interior design. It is one of the most captivating colors a designer can include. As the majority would agree, yellow symbolizes the sun. But for me, it represents hope and goals, two essential elements one should feel when walking inside their space.


Buttercup paint color by Benjamin MooreImage via Benjamin Moore

Let's begin our yellow finishes journey with a paint color from Benjamin Moore called Buttercup. Yellow paint finish can be vibrant, quickly turning your space over the top or creating a factual statement. The Buttercup paint color is very creamy and golden when struck by natural and ambient lights.

I can see this color in smaller powder rooms and laundry areas. You can also use it as an accent color in your living area and kitchen. Match it as your overall wall color with the white baseboard, trims, or moldings to tone down its overflowing energy.

Mannequin Cream

Mannequin Cream paint color by Benjamin MooreImage via Benjamin Moore

Another yellow paint tone from Benjamin Moore is the Mannequin Cream. It's a pale cream color that is perfect for a warmer overall wall or ceiling paint. The color looks more white in the morning and with ambient lighting and turns muted peach color during the afternoon.

It is one of those yellow shades best for the bedroom and reading area where we want to relax and be comfy. The color is best paired with darker browns and other pastel colors such as blue and green. It is also a great background color if you want to play and add different colors to your furniture and home decor.

Salt and Pepper

wallcovering by rolloutImage via Rollout

Since yellow is the equivalent of happiness and energy, let's try to turn the notch a little bit higher. Inspired by cookbooks and menus from the 1950s, the Salt and Pepper wallcovering from Rollout is perfect for livening up any space in your house- that would be your kitchen.

I love the playful graphics and the combination of sunny yellow, white and black colors. The wallcovering itself is very creative, and I'm optimistic that it can create that feeling of creativity, especially when cooking in the happiest place in your home.

Tom Tom

wallcovering by astekImage via Astek

Another wallcovering that I'm sure will bring joy and vibrancy to your home is the Tom Tom by Astek Wallcovering Inc. It combines shapes, patterns, and colors with yellow as the accent. It is one of those wallcoverings that subtly uses yellow but still makes it stand out despite all other colors and patterns combined.

It is the best wallcovering for kids' rooms or spaces where you need to be creative and energetic. I would do it in my home office or where I read books and think about all our online content- such as this blog.


hexagonal wall and floor tiles by porcelanosaImage via Porcelanosa

Now, let's move on to hard surfaces such as wall and floor tiles. One of the best yellow ceramic tiles is the Sadasi by Porcelanosa. It is hexagonal and has different shades of yellow, making it look like those tiles from ancient temples. I thought the tile colors and shapes represented the real meaning of the color yellow- happiness.

The tile is applicable for both wall and floor installation, and it would look lovely as an accent on shower walls or in any bathroom in general, with ample windows for sunlight to come into space. It is also the best option for outdoor areas like outdoor feature walls for the pool and patio.

HexArt Deco

wall tiles by hexart decoImage via HexArt Deco

The HexArt Deco by Tile Bar reminds me of freshly squeezed lemon or anything that has something to do with sunshine and freshness. It has that exciting pattern that goes well with its vibrant yellow color, making the tile look classic and regal. Their collection comes in various colorways, but the Yellow 8" Matte tile is my ultimate favorite.

I can see this tile on the backsplash of any farmhouse-style kitchen. It can go on shower walls and add a little liveliness to any well-lit laundry room. Since it also applies to commercial projects, I can imagine it in a coffee shop in the middle of a busy city or some stylish restaurant serving to younger generations.

Yellow from Other Finishes

Aside from all the finishes I mentioned on this blog, there are other standard finishes and materials you can use to introduce yellow in your space. You can use these finishes to add a splash of yellow or even use them as the primary accent color for your area.

Gold Hardware & Fixtures

There are thousands of selections for almost all hardware and fixtures in gold finishes, which usually go well with white and black colors. If you're hesitant to go bold with yellow walls or ceiling (why not?) but still want to add hints of yellow in your space, I suggest using gold hardware for cabinets, and plumbing fixtures such as kitchen faucets and sinks.

If budget permits, lovely gold pendant lights or chandeliers are great fixtures to introduce yellow in a more sophisticated space.

Yellow Textiles

As much as I want to include specific yellow fabrics that I like for this blog's sake, I don't think I have enough time to finish this article, and I don't want to bore you with so many yellow textiles out there.

If you're doing custom furniture for your space, then that's the best time to experiment with yellow fabrics or patterns with yellow as an accent color. You can also get off-the-shelves furniture upholstered in yellow fabrics, I’m sure there are lots of fantastic-looking furniture with good quality yellow upholstered textiles out there.

Aside from furniture fabrics, you can also introduce yellow on draperies, pillows, carpets, and area rugs. Don’t get too excited though, too much yellow can make your space monochromatic and dull.

Home Decors

Accent pieces such as throw pillows, vases, wooden decors, and artwork can add yellow to your space. If you're not willing to change your existing wallcovering or flooring but want to yellow up your room, then home decors are the easiest and most cost-effective way.

Home décors don't just add splashes of accent colors, they also add warmth, life, and character to a space. So, it's essential to consider your space and your personality before buying any pieces. Below are some items we offer in the RD Home Décor store that I thought would look nice in any yellow-themed spaces.

Rocabu Designs Yellow Home Decor Collections01. Iris Colorful Pampas Grass, 3 Stems

02. Augusto Decorative Tray

03. Yellow Yzabelle 18" Corduroy Pillow

04. Cream Adriene 18" Jacuard Pillow

05. Yellow Bianca 18" Checkered Pillow

06. 10" Wood Bead Garland

07. Vanessa Golden Vase

08. Yellow Aza 51" x 59" Throw

09. Kurt Yellow Mug

10. Gwyneth Yellow Mug

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, yellow is equivalent to happiness, positivity, and good energy. If you're one of those few who love this fantastic vibrant color, then I'm assuming you love being happy, positive, and all great energies. Not all people would go full-on yellow in their space, and I admire you for deciding to do the boldest and brightest area in your home.

I love yellow as much as I love sunny days, but I also believe in balance and moderation when designing exterior and interior spaces. As long as it makes you feel happy and bring a precious smile to your face every time you relax in your bedroom or cook in your kitchen, then do it and make sure to make it stylish and meaningful.

As usual, and because writing isn't always enough to show my love for home designs, I reimagined a loft apartment for a fashion stylist who adores yellow and used it as her color branding for her business.

Loft type apartment for a fashion stylist with ground floor studio and upstairs bedroom

Loft type apartment for a fashion stylist with ground floor studio and upstairs bedroom

Loft type apartment for a fashion stylist with ground floor studio and upstairs bedroom

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blogs. I aim to impart more than a decade of design (primarily interior design) knowledge and experience through reviews, tips, inspirations, and DIYs. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoy writing my blogs; feel free to comment below, email me at info@rocabudesigns.com, or subscribe to our newsletter for fresh blog updates.

Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.


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