Foyer Makeover Part 1 (The Design Stage)

Hi, fellow interior design enthusiasts. Welcome to a thrilling DIY makeover blog! I'll divulge my mind-blowing adventure in this dual-part series, turning my apartment's entrance from boring to breathtaking.

Foyer Makeover Part 1 (The Design Stage)

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In this first blog, I'll spill the beans on the initial design phase. I'll reveal my process of evaluating the current space, crafting a mood board, picking a color scheme, and curating the ideal furniture and decor to create a space that'll amaze everyone.

As you probably already know, the foyer sets the tone for your home. So I will try to make it unforgettable and give my guests a reason to say 'WOW'! Ready to start designing?

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The Initial Design Stage

The first step in a space makeover is the initial design or pre-design stage, which is super important. When I made over my foyer, I thought about the existing space and where I could save money and make improvements.

The Existing Space

existing foyer space with grey cabinets, white ceiling, painted walls and engineered wooden floors

When we snagged this pad, we were instantly captivated by the well-defined foyer and hallway that leads to the main living areas. Step inside, and you'll spot three tall cabinets that can easily be shuffled around to stash your threads and kicks. We dig their versatility and usefulness.

On the left side of the main hallway, you'll find a small but charming niche just begging for a fabulous wall display or a stylish full-height mirror with a handy bench!

existing foyer space with grey cabinets, white ceiling, painted walls and engineered wooden floors

The bulkhead enhances its charm, and in my opinion, with a touch of imagination, this space can become both practical and visually delightful.

The apartment has super cool engineered hardwood flooring throughout. It's like brand new, except for a few scratches from moving those big cabinets. But hey, I kept the flooring anyway to save some cash and keep the home's inviting and cozy vibe.

existing foyer space with grey cabinets, white ceiling, painted walls and engineered wooden floors

The color of the current wall and door paint is obviously a major issue since it's making the space appear tiny and boring.  As part of the scheme, I'll be slapping a fresh coat of paint on these walls to give the space a sunnier vibe and make it more welcoming.

existing foyer space with grey cabinets, white ceiling, painted walls and engineered wooden floors

Moreover, the current lighting fixtures just aren't cutting it when it comes to providing proper illumination. Trust me, switching them out for some high-quality fixtures will make a world of difference. This foyer will go from meh to magnificent!

Interior Design Style

My apartment rocks an industrial chic look with warm wooden floors, barn doors, dark grey cabinets, and exposed concrete columns. And once I get my DIY groove on for the living area, you'll be all like, 'Wow, look at those columns!'

The previous style of the apartment before we bought itThe original style of the living area before we bought it.

The architect chose an industrial concept to match the neighborhood's older buildings, bringing the same style inside and out.

I went with the flow of my building's existing style for my foyer makeover. I mean, why mess with a good thing? Plus, I wanted to give a nod to the building's history and design intent, ya know?

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I wanted to create a chill and tidy atmosphere, so I decided to jazz up the current style to make my home more inviting.

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    Color Palette and Mood Board

    mood board for DIY foyer makeover showing phots of warm wood planks, birds in the forest, glass, soft fabricsImages via Charles AsselinMatt PowerDaniele Levis PelusiJosep Martins on Unsplash  

    Now that I've picked the style and elements, it's time to make a mood board and choose the color scheme.

    The aim is to make this area feel cozy and welcoming, while also giving a glimpse of my personality and background. It may seem ambitious for such a tiny space, but with the proper planning and design, I think it can be done!

    Benjamin Moore Regal Paints

    Benjamin Moore Paints (Chantilly Lace, Jet Black & Backwoods)

    I'll use a color scheme with white, black, and green to perfectly match the cozy wood flooring. And for a touch of tropical excitement, I'll add a wallcovering with plants and bird patterns.

    color palette for the foyer with wallpaper, glass pendant light, existing floor and paint colors

    Since black, green, and the wallcovering pattern are bold, I've chosen glass for the light fixtures with a subtle touch of gold trims. These deets, along with the furniture fabrics and some greenery, will help soften the overall look.

    Picking Out the Perfect Furniture and Decor

    Choosing the perfect furniture and decor is as important as selecting the right wall colors and lighting fixtures. These small details create a big impact on the look and feel of a room, adding a cool and cohesive vibe to the space.

    arch full height mirror and bench optionsImages via Bouclair

    I am thinking of getting a bench with creamy fabric and wooden legs for my foyer. I think it'll go great with the tropical-inspired wallcovering.

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    To make the feature wall more interesting, I've chosen a tall mirror with a sleek wooden frame. It's a must-have for the foyer, adding both style and functionality to the space!

    To really make this space pop, I'm thinking of throwing in some faux plants and hanging up a super cool artwork - a real conversation starter! Let's call it the green wall for fun!

    options for faux plants, vase and wall artsOptions for faux plants (IKEA), wall art (Desenio & Own Photo) & Cement Pot (Amazon)

    Similar to what I said in my past blog posts, interior design is like an endless experiment. And man, oh man, I'm so excited to see the mind-blowing finale of my entryway!

    The Chaotic Side of DIY

    Hiding behind every gorgeous snap of a DIY room makeover is the chaotic journey of wall painting, wallpaper hanging, tidying up, and decluttering.

    Check out these legit snapshots of the wild ride I took while jazzing up my foyer. Not gonna lie, I'm still tweaking the final touches, so brace yourself for some surprises when you hit Part 2 of the Foyer Makeover (The Reveal).

    foyer makeover start painting the bulkhead white

    I kicked off my DIY entryway makeover by painting the existing bulkhead with a brand-new layer of white paint. It seemed like a clever move to tackle the most elusive spot (the bulkhead) first, considering I had to climb a ladder to get there.

    existing foyer space now with green wall paint as accent wall

    After finishing the bulkhead, I thought, why not keep going and paint the wall with the green accent color?! I mean, who can resist the anticipation of seeing that vibrant green pop on the wall?

    existing foyer now with white bulkhead and green accent wall color

    Introducing Ehla, the world's cutest corgi. She's overseeing the entire DIY foyer transformation and I bet she's itching for this project to wrap up.

    existing foyer, painting the existing wall with white paint

    Applying a fresh coat of paint to a wall can create a drastic transformation. I thought it would be fun to coordinate the baseboard color with the new white paint.

    foyer makeover with new wall paints and patterned wallpaper

    After all the paint party (except the doors), it's time to rock the feature wallpaper. Obviously, I totally bombed my first try hanging it up, but thank goodness I had extra just in case things went sideways.

    foyer with white and green wall - started to paint the doors black

    I just began painting the main door in the picture, and I'm itching to unveil the outcome. The black door is smashing alongside the green and white walls.

    Okay folks, that's it for now on my DIY foyer makeover. I wish I could spill all the beans, but I'm still toiling away on it. Fingers crossed I can reveal the grand finale soon. So, catch you on the flip side in Part 2 of this blog!

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