What Are the Most Common Interior Design Styles, and How Do You Identify Your Unique Style?

Hi, fellow interior design enthusiasts. In our previous blog post, we've explained and explored the fascinating world of interior design and why it's crucial to have an excellent interior design in your space.

In this blog post, we'll explore different interior design styles, give tips on how to apply them, and help you find the styles that match your personality and lifestyle.

blog cover about common type of interior design styles and how to know your own unique style based on your personality and style

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So, please grab a cup of coffee, be comfy, and let's get started with the basics of these interior design styles.

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1) Industrial Style- The New York Vibe

dining area showing concrete unfished wall, custom made cabinet, upholstered dining chairs and chandelierImage via Vogue

Industrial interior design style features raw and unfinished elements that are all about those old factories and warehouses. Show off brick walls, concrete floors, and ductwork to totally nail this style. Include metal details like iron or steel furniture, and go for a color palette ruled by grays, blacks, and browns.

If you're not feeling fully committed to this style, you can try out an industrial chic vibe; it blends the toughness of industrial with the trendiness of a soft touch. Experiment with fabric and concrete color-blocking and play with vibrant tiles and flooring patterns.

2) Scandinavian Style- The Top Choice For Those Who Dislike Mess And Adore Comfort

living room showing white upholstered sofa, accent decors, plants, books and wall arts, massive windowImage via House and Garden

Scandi interior design is all about simple, minimal vibes. Just think of clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. Pop in light-colored furniture like white or light wood, and throw in soft textiles like patterned throws and knitted pillows.

Keep your space clutter-free, let the light in, and create an airy and inviting atmosphere. Add a touch of Japanese interior design with a minimalist and zen flair - we like to call it Japandi style. It's all about bringing nature inside, making your home comfy and homey.

3) Modern Farmhouse Style- Hip and Happening for the Young Crowd

a living room showing giant fireplace with stone finish, wooden flooring finish, white upholstered couch and round chandelierImage via Studio McGee

Modern Farmhouse interior design style, a yearly trend, merges the cozy feel of traditional farmhouses with elements of modern and contemporary design. Achieve this style by focusing on neutral color palettes with touches of black or dark blue.

Bring in rustic vibes with reclaimed wood and restored doors or windows. Choose comfy furniture with sleek and clean lines. Sprinkle in vintage-inspired accents like antique accessories and contemporary lighting fixtures.

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    4) Bohemian Style- Blend of Earthy Elements and Cultural Flair

    a cozy living area with white upholstered love sofa, black wooden floor, black area rug, wooden coffee table, white wooden walls and indoor plantsImage via HGTV

    Get your Boho on with nature-loving, eclectic design! Mix and mingle patterns, colors, and textures for a style that's as unique as you are. Embrace the Bohemian vibe with soft, cozy spaces and bold patterns inspired by Mother Nature herself!

    To achieve the style, mix in earthy colors, soft patterns, and layer textiles like rugs, throws, and pillows. To complete the look, throw in some lush greens (fake or real) and organic materials like rattan. They'll tie everything together and give your space a fresh vibe!

    5) Mid-Century Modern Style- Oh yeah! This Is Coming Back In Style Big Time!

    mid century modern living room showing organic shape dining table, concrete walls, accent mirrors and pendant lightImage via Design Milk

    The Mid-century modern interior design style is all about combining organic shapes with straight-line patterns in both hard and soft finishes. Go for furniture that has skinny legs, sleek lines, and funky patterns to get this style. Add vibrant colors like yellow, teal, or orange and level them out with neutral tones.

    Add some eye-catching items such as a legendary Eames chair or a groovy vintage-inspired light fixture to capture the spirit of this evergreen style.

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    With interior design styles, your home can become a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. Tap into the key elements, follow the tips, and voila! You'll embark on a design journey to create a visually stunning and functional space.

    home library and reading area showing yellow accent table and accent chairs in vibrant colors, shelvings in the background, wooden ceiling and stone flooringImage via Vogue

    Just remember, when it comes to design style, the key is to make it uniquely yours and to create a space that truly feels like home!

    How do you identify your own style based on your personality and lifestyle?

    a staircase showing an accent mirror, indoor plant, wooden floor, back handrail and white wallsImage via Elle Decoration UK

    Discovering your interior design vibe based on your personality and lifestyle can be a blast and worth it. Check out these steps to uncover your one-of-a-kind style:

    Understanding What You Want

    kitchen showing accent chairs, island counter, wooden floor and swingImage via ArchDaily

    Consider your personality, interests, and lifestyle. Reflect on colors, patterns, and textures that resonate with you. Imagine the activities you love at home and the vibe you want in your space.

    Head to the closest home décor spot and feel if any décor sparks joy and brings comfort when you touch or see it. Take note of its texture, color, and patterns. This little exercise will help you uncover the style that will bring you happiness and excitement in your space.

    Get Your Inspiration On

    kitchen showing an island counter and millwork in powder blue finish, pendant light and gold finish plumbing fixturesImage via Interior Design

    Hunt for design inspiration from prints or online spots (Pinterest, Instagram, and Interior Design Blogs are the top sources to start with). Keep or bookmark pics that grab your attention and spark positive vibes.

    Check out home showrooms in your 'hood (if there's any nearby) too. They've got all sorts of styles in each room or an overarching theme to wow potential buyers. Snap pics and jot down your positive and negative vibes in each room.

    Explore Your Creative Influences

    sample mood board showing sample finishes, hardware, cabinet door and tiles

    Once you've got a haul, dissect it to uncover recurring themes or elements. Seek out patterns in color schemes, furniture styles, or overall aesthetics. This will assist in pinpointing the design styles that speak to you the most.

    Make a digital mood board (Canva is a rad online software) to gather all your favorite photos for your space. Get a clear view of what you love and weed out things that don't match your style.

    Broaden Your Design Styles Knowledge

    photo collage of different interior design styles

    Get to know the different interior design styles by researching their influences, essential elements, and characters. Check out all the common interior design styles mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

    Compare these styles to your saved images and find the ones that align with your preferences. Try mixing two to three styles to see if that works- it's like a fun process of elimination to discover your unique style!

    Think About Your Lifestyle

    couple cooking their meal in their kitchenImage by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash  

    Consider your lifestyle and how you use your space. Picture yourself in your freshly revamped area, engaging in various activities and dodging any design elements that could get in the way.

    If you love having guests over, you might put open and inviting spaces at the top of your list. Think about how your design style can match your lifestyle needs.

    Try New Things And Adjust

    living room showing accent chairs and sofa with mix of different vibrant colorsImage via Old Brand New

    Be daring and try mixing different styles to create a one-of-a-kind look that matches your personality. Let your interior design be a never-ending experiment, because who knows what you'll discover if you don't step out of your comfort zone!

    Listen to your inner voice and pick things that bring you joy and cozy vibes in your space. Don't forget, your interior design should show off who you are and how you live. Listen to your gut, enjoy the journey, and make a space that feels like home.

    Now that you've discovered your one-of-a-kind interior design style, check out these interior design hacks to delve into your style and construct a jaw-dropping space that's totally YOU.

    living room showing bog windows, white walls, grey sofa and wooden coffee tableImage via Griffin Houghton

    • Before jumping into a design style, figure out your game plan, goals, and vision. Make sure the style you choose vibes with your lifestyle and day-to-day activities.
    • Pinterest is a super cool place to find inspo, make a mood board if you can, and play around with blending different styles to create your totally unique vibe.
      • Gather pics, color samples, and fabric swatches to see how everything fits. Get swatches from other suppliers to really get a feel for how it'll look in your space.
      • Knowing the size of furniture and decor is crucial to ensure they fit your space. Don't rely on online images alone; visit the store to see the actual sample and get a sense of its dimensions - maybe even bring a tape measure if you can!
        • Mix it up with different textures and patterns in fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, or pillows to add some depth to your space. But don't go too crazy; you still want a good balance of texture, color, and patterns unless you want to go all out with a bold and playful style.
        • Put the icing on the cake by adding some personality to the design with artwork, photographs, or meaningful trinkets from your loved ones or past adventures.

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