Kitchen Trends of 2021

Last year, people all over the world were made to stay at home due to the pandemic, and interior design took on a very important turn. People changed the way they viewed their homes, and design became about trying to make their spaces multi-functional and at the same time, comfortable and fun.

This extended to the kitchen, which saw a lot of action as home chefs finally broke out their bake wares and churned out dishes after dishes of homemade goods. Kitchens have never worked harder as they did in 2020, and as we usher in the new year, the trends are about turning this space into its most stylish and functional with just a few tweaks.


Marble is back on the spotlight this year, and the heavily veined it is, the better! It is durable and has a classic, timeless look that can withstand the changing trends. You can start with incorporating it in the sink or countertop for an instant upgrade, or for those with bigger budgets, go full on luxury with a gorgeous kitchen island!

Modern kitchen with white marble island table, huge farmhouse pendant lights, white shaker type cabinet, white subway tiles and wood planks flooring

Image via Decor Pad

Creative Backsplash Tiles

Subway tiles remain the most classic for backsplash and walls because they are affordable and very versatile. While an all-white kitchen may not be as popular as they were before, pairing them with pops of color or painted cabinets will keep your kitchen looking fresh.

Modern kitchen with grey decorative patterned backsplash, metal shelving, white shaker type cabinet, pot filler and huge white range hood

Image via Brianna Michelle Interior Design

Minimalist Storage

Hiding kitchen appliances in smart storage solutions is quickly becoming popular for obvious reasons. It keeps the space clutter free, and you get a clean overall look while still having a functional and efficient space. With careful planning, you can conceal your refrigerator, dishwasher and even your range hood, behind cabinet doors.

Wooden cabinets are especially popular this year, and can be easily painted to complement your kitchen aesthetic.

Modern kitchen with white marble island countertop, shelves, oak laminate cabinets and wood plank floor

Image via Banda Property Instagram Account

Statement Faucets 

Sinks have been moving up in importance when it comes to kitchen design. Using luxury, high quality materials for the faucet immediately makes an impact and elevates the style of the room. Go for brass hardware or one with gold finish for a truly show stopping piece.

Farmhouse kitchen with farmhouse type sink, black pendant lights, wood beam ceiling, black laminate cabinet and gold faucet

Image via HGTV 

Decorative Flooring

Tile floors have been the most common material used in the kitchen, primarily because of their practicality and functionality, but that definitely doesn’t translate to boring. Decorative tiles come in various patterns and styles that will match your space.

Keep your kitchen looking neutral and sleek with wood look tiles, or go bold with a beautiful geometric pattern like Cuban tiles for that trendy new look! If you are on a budget, vinyl is a good alternative and will also do the trick.

Modern kitchen with pattern black and white floor tiles, white shaker cabinet, black cabinet handles, black island countertop, metal shelves, gold pot filler and black range hood

Image via Granada Tile

The great thing about these trends is that there are no rules. You can choose just one part of the kitchen to focus on, or you can mix and match with textures and pops of colors, and still end up having an updated look! Which of these new ideas are you excited to try?

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