Why Do You Need to Hire a Licensed Architect and Interior Designer in the Philippines?

You have browsed through countless magazines and architectural digests and have a Pinterest board filled with house ideas and design pegs. You’ve worked hard and now have all that money saved up for your dream home, and the only thing left is turning that dream into reality.

But how to begin? With the myriad of choices available to future homeowners, getting started can be overwhelming. It may be tempting too, to just call on a neighbor friend who happens to be a foreman and a carpenter all in one, and have them work together with an engineer to save some buck. Well, don’t. One of the most important decisions to be made has to be done right at the onset - whether to hire an architect, an interior designer (ID), or both.

Architect looking at scaled model with tropical background

Contrary to popular belief, hiring professionals is not a luxury, especially if you want to ensure your hard earned money is being used wisely and efficiently. Both architects and interior designers have been trained to have the skills needed to build and beautify, but they each have their own focus area: the architect’s expertise lies on the exterior, whereas the interior designer, as the title suggests, is responsible for what lies within.

Hiring both, especially if building a home from scratch, will give you the best of both worlds: an architect to draw up the plans of the new structure and an interior designer to help ensure the new structure will be aesthetically pleasing and functional for your personal needs.

Let’s break down in detail the advantages of hiring professionals when building your dream home:

Safety Issues and Knowledge of the Law

Trying to save money by foregoing the services of a licensed architect may result in more hassle and expenses later on, not to mention heartaches. Architects have the education, training and vision to guide you through the entire process of designing and building your home in the Philippines. They understand space and human needs, and they fulfill these in accordance with building codes and zoning regulations. They know the law, and that means peace of mind and no future issues with property lines and setbacks.

The architect will be involved in the entire construction process and will help protect your interests by ensuring that your home is built in accordance with approved plans and specifications. Together with the interior designer, they will secure the necessary clearances and permits as they create exciting environments to live in.

Ties with Construction Industry

Philippine architects work closely with contractors / construction professionals to ensure a well-designed space that realizes your vision, fits your budget and time frame. The architect will do a complete set of drawings that has detailed building materials to allow contractors to submit their bids. Whether you are building a house from scratch or doing renovations, your architect can help you evaluate the bids and make recommendations in selecting a reputable contractor.

Architects and Interior Designers on a meeting with construction drawings and finishes

Creating Meaningful Spaces

Both architects and interior designers are tasked to create a space for YOU. Your needs, your preferences and your traits are the foundation of the design. The job is to create something that fits your lifestyle. Once an architect builds this structure, the interior designer will go beyond just decorating. Selecting and organizing surface finishes, fixtures and materials to meet a space’s intended function and purpose is both a science and art. Professional interior designers address safety while playing with space, light and colour to create a comfortable and functional living space.

With the pandemic forcing most of us to stay at home, the importance of a well-designed home cannot be stressed. A meaningful space that relates to its inhabitants inspires positivity, encourages productivity and helps evokes happiness. At a time when we prioritize essential services, investing in something that seeks to improve the quality of life and mental health is definitely essential.

Home office with dark grey painted walls, wall artworks, office tables, office chair, lounge chair, bookshelves and wood plank floor

Meeting Deadlines and Saving Money

Because everything will be planned from the start, the process will be efficient. There is a master plan to follow, the ordering of materials will be set with delivery times accounted for, and construction can proceed on schedule. That translates to less delay and better chances of completing the project within the set time frame.

Also, with their broad knowledge on construction and design, architects will be able to provide options that will help you make an informed decision. An interior designer will also be able to suggest material substitutes that are more cost-efficient, yet still on trend.

Civil Liability

Philippine laws are in place to protect homeowners when engaging the services of licensed architects and interior designers. Republic Act (RA) 9266 or The Architecture Act of 2004 and The Philippine Interior Design Act of 2012 are there to ensure accountability. Clients can formally file a complaint against architects found in violation of the law and be assured that an impartial committee will look into the allegations.

Meanwhile, the Interior Design Act states that within the first year of project completion, the designer will assume full responsibility for any damage or destruction, except if caused by force majeure. If there are defects resulting from the plans, the designer will perform the repair, at his or her expense, within 45 days from the time the client lodged the complaint. If the designer fails to comply and the client undertakes the repairs, the client is entitled to a full reimbursement or the client can sue the designer.

Court table showing contractors hat

Building your dream home is a huge undertaking, and as we have shown here, a marriage of skills between architecture and interior design will get you the best of both design worlds. Filipinos are sentimental, and we want our homes to be beautiful and functional and

well-built so we can enjoy it today and get to pass it on to the next generation. Getting the services of licensed architects and interior design is a good investment and the smart first step towards making your dream home a reality.

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