The existing brand new house is located in a subdivision that is being developed by Filinvest Land Inc. called the The Tropics 2 in Cainta, Rizal. The original design concept of the exterior is modern minimalist in which we developed our new design concept to coincide with the existing façade. 

The most challenging part of the design process was the shape of the lot as well as the position of the existing house, we did our best to work around these challenges and came up with solutions to better utilize all existing factors.

Below are photos of the existing house.

the tropics 2 by filinvest land inc in cainta rizal existing finishes 2 storey house
The tropics 2 cainta rizal new built 2 storey house by filinvest land inc


The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country with all it's natural and organic features such as green landscaping, trees, sunshine and fresh botanicals to name a few. We thought that the existing exterior design of the house is a blank canvas which gave us an opportunity to make it blend with the surrounding natural elements. The shape of the lot gave us an opportunity to create pocket gardens which created soothing and calming vibes to the overall design of the exterior.

rocabu design exterior design concept combing natural and organic to create soothing and calming feel of the exterior facade- architetcural house design

"Combining natural and organic elements in a design is an effective way to create a nature inspired exterior concept that is both soothing and calming to the eyes. Organic elements such as wood, lush green landscaping and color combinations derived from nature can create a warm and earthy exterior character to the façade."

The use of wood, bricks, glass or acrylic, concrete and combinations of neutral and earthy colors are essential to achieve the overall organic and tropical design of the exterior. All these materials and finishes are readily available in the area which makes it convenient during construction.

exterior design finishes such as wood, bricks, acrylic panels, tiles to create a natural modern and contemporary architectural house design concept


Clean, calm and very relaxing. These are best words to describe the new exterior design of the house. With the new extension that features the new balcony in the second floor as well as trellis works in the laundry area, the overall façade looks more balance yet maintaining its simplicity and original modern character. 

Below are few 3D renderings of the newly designed 2-storey house including landscaping and fence.

Rocabu Designs has been designing for years in the Philippines and around the globe, as we continue our journey in the residential design industry, we learn a lot during every project's design process. This project has lots of design considerations as well as Client's goals and requirements which resulted in a successful final design outcome. We are honored that our Client entrusted the design of her house to us and we're very happy that she love the design end result.

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