The most unique and very interesting project that we did last year was a design prototype of an A-Frame house. Our client, Bradley Hans Designs from Palmerston, New Zealand wanted a replicable design of an A-Frame house that they can sell as a unit. It is basically a marketable tiny house design that can be sold to home buyers in New Zealand.

The major design requirement is the application of passive house design concepts such as energy and water efficiency. The project was definitely outside of our comfort design zone, we did tons of research and design conceptualization to come up with an effective design prototype that is applicable to New Zealand.


Passive house design concepts energy efficiency water isometric views

floor plan and passive house design study

birds eye view a-frame house design prototype house design

A-frame house front view

passive house design materials

A-frame house side view

a-frame house side view

a-frame house finishes board

a-frame house lighting selections board

living area with luxury vinyl plank floor wood laminate cabinets and ladder to second floor

living area with upholstered seats are rug luxury vinyl planks white painted wall

 FF&E selections interior design finishes a-frame house prototype new Zealand Palmerston north

modern kitchen white quartz countertop luxury vinyl plank floor white painted wall a-frame house

modern kitchen stainless steel plumbing fixture kitchen sink and faucet luxury vinyl planks white painted wall

modern kitchen luxury vinyl planks white quartz countertop

We are absolutely thrilled that we are part of this amazing A-Frame prototype house project. This is an on-going design and construction drawing phase project and we can't wait to see the final outcome of the prototype.

Even for a small project like this, it is very important for designers and builders to study the effect to the environment and think of solutions to conserve energy and water during and after construction. This will benefit the project financially as well as the future of the surrounding environment.  

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