Why Wall Mirrors are a Must-Have for Any Home - Plus Our Top 10 Picks!

Hi, interior design enthusiasts. Get ready for another Shop the Style blog, where we'll dive into the world of wall mirrors and discover how they can magically level up your home's interior design!

Why Wall Mirrors are a Must-Have for Any Home - Plus Our Top 10 Picks!

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Let's chat about sprucing up your space with some wicked design tips for wall mirrors. Plus, we've got a killer lineup of the top 10 must-have mirrors that'll take your place to the next level. Ready to dive in?

What is a Wall Mirror?

Round Hanging Mirror, 20" Gold Circle Mirror, Metal Frame Wall Hanging Mirror, Circular Wall Mirror with Leather Strap for Bathroom Living Room EntrywayImage via Amazon (Round Hanging Mirror)

Wall mirrors are a fantastic touch to any room. They're not just practical, but they also level up the visual vibe of the space.

With various styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from, wall mirrors effortlessly blend into any home decor theme. Their versatility and functionality make them an essential accessory for any modern home.

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Perks of Wall Mirrors

47"x14" Gold Full Length Mirror with Aluminum Alloy Frame, Modern Full-Body Long Mirror Wall Mounted or Over The Door Hanging for Bedroom Closet Bathroom Living RoomImage via Amazon (Full Length Mirror)

Did you know that adding wall mirrors to your design can transform your space? They can make your place look bigger and brighter. Here are the significant benefits of having wall mirrors in your home.

Brightens up your Space with a Natural Glow

Brighten a room and make it feel spacious by putting a wall mirror across from a window. This easy trick reflects natural light and creates an open, inviting vibe.

Make Your Space Look Bigger

Mirrors are amazing! They can trick the eye and make a tiny room look way bigger. Just strategically place them on the walls, and boom! The room magically expands before your very eyes. It's like a magic show but for your living space!

Injects Some Playful Flair

A mirror on your wall can up your decor game. With so many designs, frames, and shapes to choose from, finding the perfect mirror to match your style and taste is a breeze!

A cleverly positioned mirror can also give the illusion of extra space and light, adding brightness and roominess to your space. So, if you're looking to spruce up your home decor, think about splurging on a carefully selected wall mirror!

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Turns Rooms into a Welcoming Oasis

Strategically using mirrors in a room can create a warm and welcoming vibe by reflecting light and adding depth. For example, pop some mirrors in the foyer or dining area to instantly brighten up these areas and make them more inviting.

Practical Purpose

Mirrors are super versatile home decor items that can do it all - they're functional, aesthetic, and a touch of elegant all at once. Plus, they'll become your best friend for daily grooming needs!

Whether you're lookin' to check yourself out before hittin' the town or need a snazzy full-length mirror for gettin' dolled up, wall mirrors are the bomb diggity addition to your crib!

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    Design Tips for Integrating Wall Mirrors

    81.5cm Round Mirror, Modern Bathroom Mirrors for Wall, Farmhouse Mirror Rope/Metal Framed Round Mirror, Circle Mirrors Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Wall Mirrors Home Decor, Black/NaturalImage via Amazon (Farmhouse Style Round Mirror)

    Having discovered the perks of wall mirrors, it's time to dive into some nifty suggestions on how to jazz up your home with them!


    When choosing where to put a mirror, think about what it's for and how the room is laid out. To make things visually interesting, try putting mirrors near windows or across from fantastic artwork.

    When it comes to mirrors, they're not just for checking yourself out (although you'll definitely do that too!). They also bring extra light to any space. So, be smart about where you place your mirror, and let it transform the vibe of your room!

    Size and Proportion

    When picking out a mirror for your space, you must think about how it fits with the size of the wall and furniture around it. An itty-bitty mirror might not give you the wow factor you're looking for, but a massive one can turn your room into a sardine can.

    So, going for a mirror that matches the room's size will give you that perfect balance and a cohesive look.

    Style and Frame

    When selecting a mirror, it's crucial to think about the frame style. A carefully chosen frame can boost the mirror's overall appeal and match your home's decor. 

    Whether you're into a modern and minimalistic style or something more ornate and classic, you'll find a frame that amps up the mirror's charm and brings a dash of elegance to your room.

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    Grouping Mirrors

    To make a visually striking focal point, why not group a bunch of mirrors? Play with different shapes and sizes for a unique and artsy arrangement!

    Reflect Interesting Views

    Upgrade your home's vibe with a strategically placed mirror that reflects and highlights the jaw-dropping view or eye-catching architecture. This crafty trick adds depth and brings a touch of the great outdoors inside!

    Mix and Match,

    Get wild with a mishmash of mirror shapes, sizes, and styles! It'll give your place a visually captivating and offbeat vibe that's sure to impress. Let your imagination go wild and experiment with new combos!

    10 Must-Have Wall Mirrors to Transform Your Space

    Wall mirrors are an essential and versatile addition to any space. They don't just make your room look bigger (downright roomy, actually!), they also bring a whole lot of fancy vibes and sophistication. Get ready for a total ambiance upgrade with the perfect wall mirror!

    1) Sunburst Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Round Decorative Gold 24" Metal Sunburst Hanging Mirror for Wall, 24 inch

    The sunburst mirror is a total game-changer for any room that needs a dose of timeless glam. The rad design that mimics the sun's rays adds depth and warmth like no other decor. Whether it's a classic or modern space, this mirror will seriously wow anyone who sees it!

    2) Oversized Floor Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Arched Full Length Mirror, 64”x21” Full Body Mirror Floor Length Mirror, Gold Standing Mirror Full Length, Arched Floor Mirror Living Room, Wall Mirror Hanging Standing Bedroom Metal Frame

    A jumbo floor mirror is a must for anyone wanting to create the illusion of a larger space in their room. Pop it against a wall to instantly open up the room, while still getting all the perks of a full-length mirror!

    3) Round Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Round Wall Mirror Large Decorative Wall Mounted | Nautical Multicolor Jute Rope for Rustic Farmhouse Wall Mirror Modern Decorative for Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway (16 Inch)

    Add some versatility to your decor with a round mirror. Soften the room and make a striking focal point in your entryway or above your console table. Choose a frame that complements your space to enhance your decor!

    4) Geometric Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Arched Mirror, 31"x33" Black Bathroom Mirror with Metal Frame, Wall Mounted Mirrors Decor Modern Dresser Mirror for Bedroom Living Room Entryway

    If you want to upgrade your home decor, go for a geometric-shaped mirror. Its angles and sleek lines create a one-of-a-kind and super cool look that will grab attention—no need for a basic mirror when you can amp up your space with a trendy geometric design.

    5) Antique Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    51 x 76cm Vintage Antique Gold Mirror - Ornate Rectangular Metal Baroque French Wall Mirror for Home Decor - Great for Living Room or Bedroom

    Are you looking to add some vintage flair to your space? Go for an antique mirror! Its beautifully aged frame and intricately designed glass will bring a touch of history and nostalgia to any room. Don't hold back, make a bold statement with your decor!

    6) Minimalist Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Bathroom Mirrors for Wall, 20 Inch Black Mirror for Bathroom, Modern Round Mirror for Wall Décor, Circle Mirror with Metal Frame

    If you're after a mirror that oozes a fresh and uncomplicated vibe, a minimalist mirror is the one and only choice for you. Its smooth frame and subtle design effortlessly merge with any decor style, making it the most flexible option.

    7) Venetian Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Arch Wall Mirror, 24" x 36" Antique Gold Scalloped Bathroom Mirror, Metal Beaded Frame Accent Decorative Mirror for Entryway, Living Room, Bedroom

    Spruce up your space with a touch of luxury and class using a Venetian mirror! These mirrors are famous for their flawless artistry and intricate designs, featuring dainty etchings and ornate details that are bound to wow.

    8) Art Deco Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Contemporary Briggs Mirror Art Deco Design with Gold Metal Frame, (21 x 2 x 32 Inches)

    This piece is all about striking geometric patterns and bold lines. It's elegant, opulent, and knows how to command attention in any room. Inspired by the glamorous 1920s, this Art Deco mirror is the ultimate showstopper for interior design that speaks volumes.

    9) Mosaic Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers, 12PCS Mirror Art DIY Home Decorative 3D Hexagonal Acrylic Mirror Wall Sheet Plastic Mirror Tiles for Home Living Room Bedroom Sofa TV Setting Wall Decoration (Silver)

    A mosaic mirror is a total game-changer if you want to transform your space with a burst of color and texture. It's like a masterpiece, meticulously crafted from shards of glass or tile. Hang it up on your walls and watch heads turn!

    10) LED Backlit Mirror (BUY ON AMAZON)

    LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Backlit 36x28 Inch, Wall Mounted Mirror with LED Lights, Adjustable Light, Anti Fog, Memory Dimming Function, Vertical & Horizontal

    For those seeking a hip and handy option, an LED-backlit mirror is the bee's knees. Sporting built-in LED lights become a showstopper in your bathroom or dressing area while casting an ambient glow.

    Wall mirrors have a dual purpose: they add style and transform any room. With countless options available, whether you're into a timeless sunburst or a trendy geometric design!

    With such a dazzling array of choices, you're bound to stumble upon a mirror that perfectly matches your unique style and takes your space to the next level. Consider incorporating one (or maybe even a few!) of these 10 essential wall mirrors into your humble abode for an extra dose of charm and practicality.

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