About the Artist

Alan Kobley

I enjoyed drawing from an early age and took an oil landscape painting course as a 13 year old, to keep me out of trouble, which helped solidify my track to fine arts. I put myself thru The Alberta College of Art, ACA, as it was called then, and graduated with a major in Sculpture in 1992.

In 2005 I returned to complete my Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) Degree as degrees were not granted earlier. I continued painting post college as sculpture was difficult to pursue. From 2000 to 2005 I made paintings and murals for show homes in Calgary. In this time, I also contributed paintings to the Foothills Hospital Lottery, the Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Charity and the MS Charity silent auctions.

In 2007/08 I went house sitting for hurricane season on Isla Mujeras Mexico. Two summers in Mexico proved to be an enlightening experience in many ways including art. I painted many small paintings of the food, streets and people and forever had my sense of colour altered. I have always had a keen interest in natural history, biology and horticulture so am also an avid gardener.

Many of my paintings are florals, my favorite subject. I have since moved to the Creston Valley in Southern British Columbia mostly for the warmer climate but also for the slower pace and quiet atmosphere. I have found I can get some painting in during the winter and early spring .

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