2024 Color of the Year: A Vibrant Palette from the Biggest Paint Brands

As we enter the future, the world of interior design and home décor keeps on evolving! One of the most thrilling parts of this transformation is when paint companies announce their yearly 'Color of the Year.' This blog will explore the 2024 color of the year- a vibrant palette from the biggest paint brands.

2024 Color of the Year: A Vibrant Palette from the Biggest Paint Brands

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Colors set the vibe for the upcoming year, sparking inspiration for homeowners, designers, and artists alike. Let's dive into the 2024 Color of the Year choices from various paint brands, uncovering their one-of-a-kind palettes and the emotions they stir up.

As an extra treat, I've selected furniture pieces from various suppliers that perfectly complement each paint brand's color of the year. So, if you're up for it (I definitely am!), let's dive right in.

1) Sherwin-Williams- UPWARD

Sherwin-Williams introduces "Upward" as their 2024 Color of the Year. This cool blue hue evokes a tranquil vibe- like a gentle ocean breeze caressing your sandy toes.

Sherwin Williams 2024 color of the year called upwardImage via Sherwin-Williams

Ideal for accent walls or bold furniture pieces. Upward brings a vibrant and dynamic element to any room. It pairs perfectly with warm wood tones or serves as a backdrop for contrasting matte black features.

This color is perfect for the bedroom or any space in your home where you can kick back and leave the chaos of the outside world behind.

Geo Armchair Velvet (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

Geo Armchair, Velvet, with rounded upholstered corners and metallic legs in gold finish

The Geo armchair in teal crushed velvet fabric effortlessly pairs with the refreshing blue shade of Upward- the perfect monochromatic theme for your living space. The rounded corners and gold metallic base make this armchair a must-have for a relaxing and timeless interior design.

2) Benjamin Moore- BLUE NOVA

The Benjamin Moore 2024 color trend palette is inspired by the various hues experienced during travels and adventures. The Blue Nova, a combination of violet and blue, takes the lead in this trend, offering a sophisticated and regal shade.

Benjamin Moore 2024 color of the year called blue novaImage via Benjamin Moore

The Blue Nova is an ideal backdrop for décor and furniture pieces that you want to showcase in your home. Its soothing vibe adds an elevated touch, even in smaller spaces like powder rooms, pantries, and kids' rooms.

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    dining chair called quincy chair with boucle upholstery and wooden legs

    The Quincy dining chair (or accent chair) showcases a wool boucle upholstery for the seat and donut-shaped backrest. The base and legs have a warm wood tone, making this chair an exceptional accent piece for rooms with Blue Nova-painted walls by Benjamin Moore.


    Cracked Pepper is taking charge as Behr's 2024 color of the year. With its dark and daring vibe, it highlights the most important aspects of your space, adding character and flair to any room.

    Behr 2024 color of the year called cracked pepperImage via Behr

    The Cracked Pepper is ideal for highlighting specific areas in your room, like the wall behind your headboard in the bedroom, the media cabinet wall in the living room, and the wall by your buffet table in the dining room.

    Autumn Club Chair (BUY ON ONE KINGS LANE)

    club chair with soft cream upholstery and wooden structure

    The bold and moody Cracked Pepper by Behr complements the cozy and sophisticated Autumn Club chair. The black geometric framework and natural cane paneling are perfect for rooms with darker wall paint. It's a heavenly match.

    4) Dulux- LIMITLESS

    The Dulux 2024 color of the year is a standout on the list. The Limitless brings a fresh, energetic vibe with warm tones.

    Dulux 2024 color of the year called limitless

    Image via Dulux

    It can pair flawlessly with darker tones for a striking contrast and enhance existing textures. The color exudes an air of sophistication that is ideal for formal dining areas or for creating a nostalgic, sunny atmosphere in your kitchen.

    Fat Lounge (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

    lounge chair with upholstered woolen fabric on glossy black lacquer finish legs

    The fat lounge chair is upholstered with grey woolen fabric and supported by black lacquer metal legs. The contrast between the dark chair and the lightness of Limitless by Dulux creates a striking and distinctive look for any room.

    5) Dutch Boy- IRONSIDE

    The Dutch Boy 2024 color palette is all about comfort and class, with Ironside setting the trend. It's got a chic green that'll give your space a stylish and timeless vibe- it's like a fashion shout-out for your walls.

    Dutch Boy 2024 color of the year called ironsideImage via Dutch Boy

    The Ironside is ideal for adding depth and style to your dining area and perfectly complements dark wood cabinets and furniture. The paint color can also be applied to wainscoting in your powder room and paired with dark and bold floral wallcoverings.


    kleio accent chair with sage green upholstered seat and wooden back and base

    A flawless match for the monochromatic living room look is the Kleio chair and Ironside from Dutch Boy. This chair flaunts a plush sage green upholstery and a sleek walnut ash backrest and base - the perfect accent for a room drenched in this timeless shade.

    6) Krylon- BLUEBIRD

    The Bluebird, an ocean-inspired 2024 color from Krylon, effortlessly complements earth tones. Its bold yet comforting appearance makes it perfect for a modern accent.

    Krylon 2024 color of the year called bluebirdImage via Krylon

    This color is great for furniture and accent pieces in the kids' room and can bring a cool touch to the kitchen and bedrooms. Lighter wood tones can easily complement this shade.

    XXX Table (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOMEglass plate side tables featuring transparent pink, orange and yellow glass

    The vividness of Bluebird by Krylon serves as an ideal background (or complementary accent shade) for the XXX table. With transparent pink, yellow, and orange glass plates, this table gives off a playful aesthetic that complements the boldness of Bluebird paint effortlessly.

    7) Graham & Brown- VIRIDIS

    Graham and Brown's 2024 color of the year showcases Viridis - a chill green that brings a relaxed and rejuvenating vibe. It's got that cool nature feel that aims to infuse the room with a calming touch of Mother Earth.

    Graham & Brown 2024 color of the year called viridisImage via Graham & Brown

    This shade will enhance natural features in your room, ideal for spaces with abundant sunlight and large windows. Incorporate live plants, warm wooden furniture, and soft fabric textures to complement this shade.

    Sullivan Boucle Accent Chair (BUY ON ONE KINGS LANE)

    Sullivan Bouclé Accent Chair, Storm Grey

    The Sullivan Boucle accent chair boasts an all-upholstered seat, backrest, and uniquely crafted three legs. The chair's soft aesthetic harmonizes flawlessly with Viridis's tranquility by Graham & Brown- the paint color and seat texture blend seamlessly to fashion a serene sanctuary.

    8) Dunn- Edwards- SKIPPING STONES

    Skipping Stones is the 2024 colour of the year by Dunn-Edwards, symbolizing hope and reflection. It's a serene and vibrant blue hue that adds a sense of tranquility and vitality to any environment.

    Dunn-Edwards 2024 color of the year called skipping stones

    Image via Dunn-Edwards

    The color is ideal for chillax zones like the bedroom and reading nook. Pair it with deep wood furnishings or go all out with vibrant decor!


    sculptured accent chair in upholstered seat, back and legs blue fabric

    The softness of Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards is a fab backdrop for accent or lounge chairs with cool texture and shape. The Tryposa Chair has an amazing sculptured shape and cozy texture made from faux lamb wool- the T-blue color is a super match for Skipping Stone.

    9) C2- THERMAL

    C2's 2024 color of the year, Thermal, is a calming light blue that mirrors the hue of a cloudless sky. In addition to its soothing qualities, this color is designed to promote serenity and smoothness in your environment.

    C2 2024 color of the year called ThermalImage via C2

    This color is perfect for areas where we want to get all creative and optimistic, like the kitchen and home office. With its soft and almost powdery look, the color will help clear your mind and unleash the creativity juice you need to finish your task.

    Array Sideboard (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

    wooden sideboard with black metal legs

    The Array Sideboard showcases a cheery yellow oak wood finish and sleek black metal legs. The invigorating aura that the Thermal by C2 can generate in any space perfectly complements the cozy yet stylish appeal of this sideboard.

    10) Valspar- RENEW BLUE

    We've got the Renew Blue, Valspar 2024 color of the year to top off our list. Just like the others, Renew Blue aims to bring a chill vibe to your space.

    Valspar 2024 color of the year called Renew BlueImage via Valspar

    The color can provide a subtle yet lively touch to your room. It works well for bathroom accent walls and pairs effortlessly with white or striking grey tiles.


    table features a beautifully crafted Murano glass with a gentle texture

    The Hope Side Table is a great match for Renew Blue by Valspar because they both bring a soft and peaceful vibe into a space. The table features a beautifully crafted Murano glass with a gentle texture - the green transparent tone complements the bluish-green tone of Renew Blue. 

    Paint color is like the spice in interior design; it adds flavor and sets the mood in the room.

    The 2024 Color of the Year choices from different paint companies bring a variety of palettes, each packed with distinct allure, personality, and purpose. From the warm and radiant "Limitless" to the calming and ethereal "Renew Blue," these shades create the perfect backdrop for a year bursting with imagination and motivation.

    So, embrace the power of color and let these vibrant hues transform your living spaces into havens of beauty and expression.

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