10 Must-Have Styles for Sconce Lighting!

Hi, fellow design enthusiasts. Apart from ceiling lights, sconce lighting is an all-rounder that effortlessly fits into any room, adding a sprinkle of class and style. It's a trendy wall-mounted fixture that serves both practical and decorative purposes.

10 Must-Have Styles for Sconce Lighting!

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This blog will delve into sconce lighting, ways to cleverly incorporate it, and a bonus compilation of must-have sconce lighting styles to enhance your space. So, if you're all set, let's embark on another interior design adventure!

What is Sconce Lighting?

Industrial 1-Light Wall Sconce,Globe Shade Nordic Ball Glass Wall Light for Bedroom Restaurant Bedside ,Antique BrassImage via Amazon (Industrial Wall Sconce)

Sconce lighting, aka wall sconces, illuminates your space with style! These fixtures attach to your wall and usually feature a metal base or plate, all while keeping things bright with a connected light source.

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These light fixtures are made from a mishmash of materials like glass, wood, fabric, metal, or a combo of those, and they have a crazy range of styles and designs to match any interior vibe.

Sconce lighting does it all - it's both functional and aesthetic. It'll give you localized light in specific spots like vanity sinks, console tables, and hallways.

You can also slap this bad boy on the wall to make your art pop, show off your fancy architecture, or make your decor shine. Sconces aren't just pretty; they add some character and make any room feel cozy and inviting.

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Integrating Sconce Lighting into Interior Spaces

Adding sconce lighting to your interior space is a total must! Let's dive in and uncover the secret to doing it right.

Pick the Perfect Style

Aluminum Snake Shaped Wall Lamp Creative Wall Sconce Contemporary Special Home Decoration 50.40" Minimalist Wall Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen 24W in Black Warm LightImage via Amazon (Snake Shape Wall Lamp)

Choose sconces that match your vibe - whether you're into classic or cutting-edge styles. Don't forget to consider your existing decor for a seamless look. Take sleek and minimalist sconces as an ace pick for a modern living room!

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Figure Out the Point

athroom Vanity Light Fixtures Over Mirror Dimmable 24 inch LED Vanity Lights 4000K Morden Wall Sconce Picture Lights for Paintings (Black Gold, 24 inch)Image via Amazon (Vanity Light)

Think about why you need sconce lighting before making a choice. Do you need it for reading or working? Or are you looking to set a cozy vibe? Knowing the purpose will help you pick the perfect sconces.


Sconces Wall Lighting, 19" Tube Glass Gold Sconces, Bathroom Wall Sconces Lighting Vanity Lights Wall Lights for Living Room, Hallway, Fireplace, StaircaseImage via Amazon (Brass Wall Sconce)

Sconce positioning is a big deal for both looks and practicality. Think about where you'll hang 'em up and which way the light will shine.

You can place your sconces at eye level for top-notch task lighting or a little higher up on the wall for some ambient lighting. And hey, don't forget the spacing between 'em to ensure light is spread evenly throughout the room!


Gold Bathroom Vanity Light 3-Lights Bathroom Light Fixtures Over Mirror with Clear Glass Shade 22.4 inch Wall Sconce Lighting BathImage via Amazon (Gold Vanity Light)

For the ultimate lighting experience, mix and match your sconce lighting with other illuminating companions in your space. Think pendant lights or desk lamps for a multi-dimensional glow that'll make your room pop!

Dimmers and Controls

Electric 51719 Dimitri 1-Light Plug-in or Hardwire Wall Sconce, Antique Brass, Matte Accent, Black Fabric Cord, in-Line On/Off SwitchImage via Amazon (Antique Brass Wall Sconce)

Add dimmers or use clever lighting controls to level up your sconce lighting. This way, you can tweak the brightness and set the mood just right. Plus, dimmers save energy and make your light bulbs last longer!

10 Must-Have Styles for Sconce Lighting!

By adding wall sconces, you'll bring elegance and style to your design. These functional light fixtures also double as decorative pieces, enhancing your space's overall aesthetic.

1) Industrial Chic Metal Sconce (BUY ON AMAZON)

Black Applique Murale Modern Wall Light Fixtures Industrial Metal Sconces Wall Lighting with Clear Glass Caged Shade Luminaire Mural Interieur Wall Lamp for Bathroom Living Room

If you're all about that raw and rugged style, you absolutely need an industrial chic wall sconce. With its metal construction and exposed bulbs, this sconce will give your space a seriously edgy and urban vibe that won't go unnoticed.

2) Modern Minimalist Sconce (BUY ON AMAZON)

Modern Long Strip Wall Sconces Bathroom Vanity Light Rotatable Long Tube Wall Lamp Black LED Linear Wall Sconce Minimalist Home Deco Lighting Fixture Acrylic Shade

If you adore sleek lines and a fabulous design, a modern minimalist wall sconce is just the ticket. With its simple yet posh appearance, this sconce will bring a trendy vibe to any room.

3) Nature-Inspired (BUY ON AMAZON)

LED Wall Lamp Personality Leaf Design Wall Sconce Postmodern Dimmable Copper Wall Lights Golden Wall Lighting for Bedroom Living Room Corridor

Spruce up your living space with a nature-inspired wall sconce! Opt for a leaf-shaped or floral design to add a touch of whimsy and serenity. Don't delay in enhancing your decor with this gorgeous addition!

4) Vintage Glam (BUY ON AMAZON)

Mid Century Modern Wall Sconce 2-Light Bathroom Vanity Light with Cylindrical Clear Glass Shade Gold Luxury Wall Light Fixture for Bedroom Living Room Hallway Porch Entryway

Upgrade your interior with a vintage glam wall sconce that oozes old-world charm. The sconce's fancy details and elaborate designs will fill your space with a classic elegance and sentimental vibes you won't find anywhere else.

5) Art Deco Inspired (BUY ON AMAZON)

Wall Mount Lamp 2-Light Fixtures Crystal Wall Sconce Lighting, Elegant Wall Sconces with Brass Base for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom Hallway Entryway Hotel Restaurant

As a true Art Deco lover, you can't go without an Art Deco-inspired wall sconce. Its bold and striking geometric shapes and colors will definitely catch everyone's eye and demand attention!

6) Rustic Charm (BUY ON AMAZON)

 Farmhouse Vanity Light 3 Light Wooden, Bathroom Light Fixtures Over Mirror Wall Sconce Industrial Wooden Black Vanity Light with Clear Glass Shade for Bathroom Hallway Bedroom

If you're into that cozy, inviting vibe of a rustic cabin, then you gotta get yourself a rustic charm wall sconce! It's made from all-natural materials like wood and has these warm, comforting tones that'll make your space feel like a big ol' hug.

7) Statement Piece (BUY ON AMAZON)

Bohemia Wood Beaded Wall Sconces Bedside Antique Rustic Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture White Finishing for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Passway, Bathroom, Vanity 2 Pack

Why stick with a boring, old lamp when a jaw-dropping, statement-piece wall sconce can transform your room into a masterpiece?! Bid farewell to ordinary lighting fixtures and say hello to a uniquely shaped sconce that will steal the spotlight in your space!

8) Mid-Century Modern (BUY ON AMAZON)

Modern Wall Sconce Gold Mid-Century Wall Lamp Brushed Stainless Steel Oval Art Sconces Wall Mounted Lighting Fixture for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom

Upgrade your interior with the groovy and chic vibe of a mid-century modern wall sconce. Its iconic designs and sleek lines will fill your space with retro charm that's bound to impress. Don't settle for run-of-the-mill lighting - make a splash with this essential decor piece.

9) Crystal Elegance (BUY ON AMAZON)

Crystal Wall Sconces,Chrome Wall Light Fixtures, Luxury Indoor Wall Lamp,Crystal Vanity Wall Mount Lamps,Wall Lighting for Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Bedside Hallway Stairway Doorway

Enhance any room's vibe with the mesmerizing dance of light and shadow from a crystal wall sconce. Infuse your space with a sprinkle of opulence and elegance courtesy of these dazzling crystals that radiate luxury. Prepare to revel in the brilliance of an absolutely stunning lighting fixture.

10) Contemporary Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Wall Sconces Antique Brass Brush Paint Finish Bedside Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture with Starburst Shade for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Passway, Bathroom, Vanity 2 Pack

Turn your dull wall sconce into a mesmerizing work of art with a design inspired by modern art. Select a sconce that showcases bold patterns, textures, and sculptural shapes to infuse your interior with imagination and creativity. 

By pondering the purpose, style, placement, and layering of lighting, you can effortlessly introduce sconces to your space. Whether you dig a modern minimalist vibe or a vintage glam look, there's a wall sconce tailored just for you!

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