Wicker Care Guide and 10 Must-Have Furniture & Décor Pieces

Hi, fellow interior design enthusiasts! Get ready for a wild ride with this blog all about furniture and décor! We'll be diving into the world of wicker, learning how to keep it looking fly, and finding out how to blend it seamlessly into our stylish interior spaces. And guess what? I've got something extra for you - 10 must-have wicker furniture and décor to take your space to the next level!

Wicker Care Guide and 10 Must-Have Furniture & Décor Pieces

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Wicker furniture and decor are hot in home design, especially with boho and tropical vibes. Its natural and rustic feel brings a unique touch to any space. So, if you're eager to learn more about Wicker (I definitely am), let's jump right in.

What is Wicker Furniture and Decor?

Farmhouse Rattan Pendant Lighting Wicker Chandelier,Handmade Woven Hanging Ceiling Lights for Hallway, Entryway Coastal LampImage via Amazon (Rattan Pendant Light)

Wicker is a weaving method that uses real or faux stuff to make furniture and decor. Rattan, bamboo, and synthetic fibers are often used. These pieces are known for their astonishing patterns, lightweight, and natural vibes.

Caring for Your Wicker: Tips and Tricks!

Rattan Dresser for Bedroom, Modern Wood 3 Drawer Dresser Chest of Drawer with Rattan Doors Large Storage SpaceImage via Amazon (Rattan Dresser)

Like any other furniture and decor, Wicker requires some TLC to stay fab and stand the test of time. Here are a few tricks to keep them looking their best.

Regular Cleaning

Because this is a woven material, gunk, and junk can pile up fast on every loop. Give it a gentle brushing, or suck it up with a vacuum and a brush attachment to kick the dirt. Wipe away the grime and banish stains with a damp cloth.

Protect from Sunlight

Just like any other furniture, direct sunlight can make the Wicker brittle and fade. So keep these pieces away from windows or get a window covering to block the sun.

Stay Dry to Stay Fly!

If the Wicker is made of natural materials, it's at risk of getting wet and damaged. Don't put it in humid spots. And if you're using it outside, use a cover to keep it safe from all that moisture and rain.

Get Cozy with Cushions and Covers

Get some awesome cushions and covers to make your wicker furniture super cozy and shielded. Choose cushions made from outdoor fabric that can withstand moisture and fade. And remember to give those cushions a good wash now and then to keep them fresh and squeaky clean!

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Integrating Wicker Furniture and Decor in Interior Spaces

Rattan Sideboard Buffet Cabinet, 2 Doors and 3 Drawers Boho Accent Storage Cabinet with Crafted Rattan Front, Cupboard Console Table with Adjustable Shelves for Dining Room Entryway, Rustic OakImage via Amazon (Wicker Buffet Cabinet)

Wanna bring a bit of nature and cozy vibes to your space? Wicker furniture and decor are totally your jam! Dive into the tips below to seamlessly blend these pieces into your space.

Living Room

Large Seagrass BasketImage via Amazon (Large Seagrass Basket)

Add a wicker armchair or sofa to your living room for a cozy, chill seating area. Spice it up with patterned cushions for a burst of color. Plus, you can stash stuff in wicker baskets or use them as decorative flair!


Queen Bed Frame with Natural Rattan Headboard and Footboard, Metal Platform with Strong Metal Slats Support, Boho Cane Bed with Curved Headboard Mattress Foundation, No Box Spring NeededImage via Amazon (Bed Frame with Rattan Headboard)

Add some wicker vibes to your bedroom for a chill and earthy feel. A wicker headboard or bedside table can bring a cozy rustic touch to the space. Toss in some wicker baskets for storing blankets and pillows.

Dining Area

Dining Chair, Kitchen Dining Chairs Set of 2 with Rattan Backrest Modern Industrial Upholstered Chairs Mid Century Metal Rattan Chair Suitable for Dining Room Wine Coffee Bar(Whiskey Brown)Image via Amazon (Rattan Backrest Modern Industrial Chair)

Craft a relaxed and welcoming dining area with a wicker table and chairs. Add a contemporary twist by pairing it with a glass tabletop. Enhance the charm with wicker placemats, coasters, or a woven Wicker centerpiece.

Accessories and Décor

5 Inch Boho Round Hanging Wall Mirror Decorative Rattan Circle Wall Mounted Mirror for Farmhouse, Living Room, Bedroom, BathroomImage via Amazon (Rattan Round Wall Mirror)

In addition to furniture, you can sprinkle some wicker magic to spice up your living space. Dangle wicker wall art, pop wicker planters with greenery, or use wicker trays as stylish accents.

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Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Wicker Patio Sofa with Cushion and 2 Pillows, BeigeImage via Amazon (Wicker Patio Sofa with Cushion)

Deck out your outdoor space with trendy wicker furniture for patios, balconies, and gardens. Transform it into a cozy oasis with wicker sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Throw in some plush cushions and outdoor rugs for extra comfort!

Top 10 Must-Have Wicker Furniture and Décor Pieces to Elevate Any Space in Your Home

1) Wicker Lounge Chair (BUY ON AMAZON)

South Shore Furniture Balka Rattan Lounge Chair Rattan, Bohemian Harmony

Grab a wicker lounge chair to add coziness and flair to your living area. This comfy wicker rattan lounge chair will bring bohemian style to your space. Opt for daring cushions to flaunt your one-of-a-kind personality!

2) Wicker Dining Chair (BUY ON AMAZON)

Rattan Dining Chairs Set of 2, Black Cane Back Cesca Mid Century Modern Dining Room Chairs, Solid Kitchen Chairs with Rattan Woven and Wood Base

Spice up your dining space with wicker dining chairs. These furniture pieces will bring a laid-back and welcoming vibe to mealtime. Combine it with a glass tabletop dining table for a trendy twist.

3) Wicker Bedside Table (BUY ON AMAZON)

Rattan Nightstand, Side Table with Drawers, Boho Desk, Side Table, End Table, Rattan Furniture, Bed Side Table for Bedroom, Living Room, Dormitory

Sprinkle a pinch of playful charm into your bedroom with a wicker bedside table. This stunning bedside table provides a nifty surface for your essentials and adds a hint of nature to your room. It boasts two drawers for extra storage!

4) Wicker Storage Baskets

Household Essentials ML-4002 Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles | NaturalWicker Basket with Handle (BUY ON AMAZON)

 Small Wicker Baskets, Handwoven Baskets for Storage, Seagrass Rattan Baskets with Wooden HandlesSmall Wicker Basket (BUY ON AMAZON)

Wicker storage baskets: practical, decorative, and organizing whizzes! Keep your living room neat with these storage choices to tidy up your cushions, throws, and tiny things.

5) Wicker Coffee Table (BUY ON AMAZON)

Nesting Coffee Table Set of 2, Boho Farmhouse Round End Table Rustic Coffee Table with Natural Hand-Woven Rattan Top and Wood Legs, Modern Minimalist Side Table for Living Room Bedroom

This nesting wicker coffee table rocks! It's a total chameleon, bringing natural and vintage vibes to any room. It's the perfect spot for drinks and decorative accent pieces.

6) Wicker Planters (BUY ON AMAZON)

Seagrass Basket Planters Flower Pots with Plastic Liner, Plant Containers Storage Holder Wicker Rattan Vase with Handle

Invite the outdoors indoors with wicker planters. They bring a natural and organic flair to your home decor. Pop them with your favorite plants and plop them in any room to cultivate a zesty and lively atmosphere.

7) Wicker Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Hanging Woven 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗕𝗮𝘀𝗸𝗲𝘁 𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿 Set of 7, Boho Wall Art, 100% Seagrass Handcrafted Baskets, Farmhouse Rustic Wall Decor and Storage - Gift for Love Ones

Wicker wall art is an offbeat and attention-grabbing decor choice. Style your walls with a woven wicker wall hanging or a set of decorative pieces like this one for some serious texture and visual allure. These babies can steal the spotlight in any room!

8) Wicker Floating Shelf (BUY ON AMAZON)

Wood Boho Rattan Wall Shelf - 2-Tier Arched Wicker Floating Shelf Natural Wood New Boho Shelf, Rustic Farmhouse Nursery Decor Shelves Wall Mounted, Neutral Handcrafted (16''l Natural Rattan Shelf)

This wicker floating shelf unit is both functional and decorative. Use it to show off your favorite books, plants, or quirky knick-knacks in any room - living room, bedroom, even the bathroom! It's like adding a touch of natural beauty and extra storage space all in one!

9) Wicker Pendant Light (BUY ON AMAZON)

Pendant Lights Woven Pendant Light,1-Light Hanging Ceiling Light Fixtures for Farmhouse Living Room Black

Revamp your lighting with this black rattan wicker pendant light! It brings a cozy and sophisticated vibe to any space. Suspend it over a dining table, kitchen island, or reading corner for a dash of organic and bold elegance.

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10) Wicker Room Divider (BUY ON AMAZON)

4 Panel 6 Ft Tall Bamboo Room Divider, Folding Privacy Screen, Room Separators Divider Wall, Portable Freestanding Partition Divider Room Panel for Living Room Bedroom Office Patio Balcony

Divide your space with a wicker wonder! This room divider adds both privacy and character to your open floor plan. This one's got a design with weaving patterns that'll totally captivate you! Perfect for creating extra privacy in your living room or bedroom.

Don't forget to mix up the Wicker with other materials and styles in your space. Combining Wicker with glass, wood, or different finishes can make for a rad and visually captivating design!

Select from these essential 10 wicker furniture and decor items to enhance your home with nature's charm and rustic beauty. Remember to follow my care tips for wicker furniture and décor. Enjoy decorating!

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