Cool for the Summer

Summer is in full swing! The season of refreshing cocktails, shorts and flirty summer dresses, barbecued eats and best of all, when the outdoors call invitingly to soak in the warm temperature. For people living in countries with four seasons, summer is arguably what everyone looks forward to all year.

The pandemic had most of us cooped indoors for too long, and the need and excitement to spend time outside cannot be contained any longer. With restrictions finally getting lifted and the dark loom of COVID seemingly behind us, the time to embrace and update your outdoor space is now!

Here are some ideas to transform your backyard, deck, or patio into a comfortable and well-equipped space for hosting summer parties with friends and family, or just simply hanging out.

  • Bringing indoors outside - unsurprisingly, the outdoor trends are geared towards mimicking the comfort and convenience of indoor living. Cozy, upholstered seating such as sofas and armchairs, as well as cushions and rugs are all turning up to dress patios just as they would in living rooms. More than just being weather resistant, it’s all about relaxation and ensuring spaces feel as good as they look. Use neutral colors for a cooling ambience against the warm temperature.

Outdoor patio with rattan sofa and accent chairs, swing chair, round are rug, pillows and throws and accent decors, with greenery and forest background

Image via Whole Mood

  • Touch of luxury - because most of us are craving for a proper vacation, channeling resort vibes can be seen in the backyard. Instead of just the regular outdoor experience, rich textures, bold colors and print, upgraded furnishings and grand set-up are incorporated for that luxe feel.

Outdoor summer patio with rattan outdoor furniture, plants, French doors and windows, accent decors and outdoor throws and pillows

Image via House Beautiful

  • Sustainable pieces - a recurring trend this year is sustainable design. When buying outdoor furniture, consider items made with natural materials that have low environmental impact. Choose durable, recyclables pieces that will last for years to minimize waste.

Whether your preference is traditional or modern, the market now has plenty of green, stylish options. In fact, even home décor chains such as Crate and Barrel and Ikea now have an abundance of sustainable items. They have dedicated furniture made with recycled plastic bottles, repurposed wood and all-weather wicker handwoven with non-toxins. Textiles such as cotton and linen are natural materials that work great on warmer weather. For outdoor lighting, choose energy efficient lights such as solar powered lamps or string lights. Read our blog on Sustainable Design to know more about eco-friendly ideas that you can apply on your outdoor style. Read our blog on Sustainable Design to know more about eco-friendly ideas that you can apply on your outdoor style.

Patio with black and white outdoor furniture, accent rug, pillows and throws, plants and background greeneries

Image via Ashley

  • Flexible furnishings / multi-functional furniture - Not everyone has a whole backyard to play around with. Apartment and condo dwellers will have a smaller deck or porch space and multi-purpose furniture are excellent choices to maximize space without sacrificing function and style. Convertible seating that doubles as storage, stackable or foldable chairs and tables with hidden beverage compartments such as a Bevy Bar are smart, modern options for a small space.

Wicker sofa with hidden storage, woman opening the storage, flower vase, patio on green grass background

  • Fire pits - they do more than roast s'mores really. For places with cooler climate, fire pits keep it toasty on cooler summer evenings and let you enjoy your outside space longer, even all the way into the fall! On a related note of space saving furniture, it is now easy to find a table with a removable cover that reveals a fire pit. Simply replace the lid, and it transforms into a patio table perfect for daytime use.

Outdoor fire pit with concrete floor, wicker sofa with upholstered back and set, farm and forest background

Image via West Elm

  • Outdoor cooking - summer is all about the grill! It goes without saying that you should invest in a good barbecue grill that’s suited for your space and needs. Choose from charcoal, gas or electric and between a freestanding or portable option. Or, take your cooking to a whole new level with an outdoor pizza oven. It’s all the rage now and one that’s sure to open a whole lot of doors for al fresco dining and entertaining

Outdoor pizza oven with metal rack stand, pizza cooking, greenery background

Image via House Beautiful

  • Greenery - having plants around can have that relaxing ambience and there’s no shortage of greenery options that can liven up your space. Succulents, flowers and vines have always been popular choices as decorative greenery. Nowadays, edible gardens have been added to the mix - spices and herbs are easily potted in containers and placed on tiered planters or even DIY ladders and pallets. Décor and dinner in one!

Expand it to a vegetable garden if you have the space and grow your own produce. There’s nothing healthier and more sustainable than having a farm to table set-up right in your backyard.

Planters with wood step type stand, potted plants on stand

Image via Good Housekeeping

This year's outdoor living trends are all about making your patio, deck and backyard an extension of your living room, literally taking the indoors and all its creature comforts outside! Whether you’re using the space all year round or for only a few months a year because of climate, always choose classic, quality pieces. This will ensure that you enjoy your outdoor space for as long as the season permits, and will still be good as new when the next summer comes, and even the next one after that.

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