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10 Easy Steps to a Stunning Foyer

Don't forget to plan, pick a color scheme, amp up the lighting, get some incredible furniture, make a big statement, find clever storage options, and throw in some fun decorations.

Using these steps, you'll create a foyer so stunning it'll make your guests' jaws drop and set the stage for an impeccably designed home.

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Featured Interior Design Blog Post

DIY Home Makeover: Why It's Important and What Are the Most Common Problems and Creative Design Solutions?

A DIY home makeover transforms your living space into a relaxed haven reflecting your extraordinary personality, style, and creativity.

It's a chance to take charge of your living space, unleash your inner design guru, and flaunt your DIY wizardry.

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February, 2024

Hallway Renovation Interior Design Tips

  • Choose a color scheme that harmonizes with the overall aesthetic of your home and contributes to a unified appearance in the hallway. Opt for light and neutral shades to enhance the sense of openness and brightness in the space.
  • Make sure the hallway is lit up like a disco party! Think about putting up some cool wall sconces or pendant lights to give it that extra oomph. You'll have both functional and visually appealing lighting, my friend.
  • Got some legroom in that corridor? Add a cute little bench or a chair for a touch of whimsy. It'll be the ultimate chill spot for lacing up or loosening those shoes before strolling into your humble home.

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Boucle Fabric Care Guide and Top 10 Must-Have Furniture Pieces

You've probably heard of Boucle, and you've been considering getting some furniture for your home.

You're in luck because this blog tackles all the frequently asked questions about boucle furniture, a guide to maintaining and caring for it, and our top 10 must-have pieces for your home!

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