Hello! We are Ron and John, founders of Rocabu Designs. We are an online retail store and residential design firm based out of Calgary, Canada. Rocabu Designs started as a design business offering full Architectural services in the Philippines and interior design services in Canada and the rest of the world. As our business progresses, we started curating our favorite products and creating interior design collections that we would like to share with our clients and design enthusiasts.


We are design geeks and we all want to have our own meaningful and beautiful interior spaces. Like most small businesses in Canada, we thrive to provide you with the best products and services. Our home decors and furnishings have been meticulously curated based on our design standards and styles. We are passionate about our interior design collections and believe that all of us deserve well-designed, meaningful, and beautiful spaces.

We love our products and interior design collections; we recommend them to our clients, and we have them in our homes creating lots of meaningful memories.


When we started our design firm, we vowed to create spaces that will help people to relax, feel at home, socialize, cook, and make lots of wonderful memories in their homes. Our design style celebrates the modern, contemporary, essential, and practical ways of living. We design and adorn spaces based on “now” and what is relevant to today’s lifestyles.


In December of 2016, Rocabu Designs began as a side hustle for its first founder Ronald Cajobe Butaran He was an Architect in the Philippines who moved to Singapore to seek better opportunities. While working on his day job, he started accepting Clients from the Philippines providing both architectural & interior design services.

The founder moved to Calgary, Canada in 2018 so as Rocabu Designs and was soon joined by John Marte, the second founder of the firm. John has a broad knowledge of today’s technology as well as an excellent eye for modern interior designs and home products.

Both Ron and John worked hard to bring Rocabu Designs’ visions and goals into reality. In early January of 2022, a side hustle that started in Singapore called Rocabu Designs was reborn.

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