Creating the Perfect Home Office Space

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, most of the world were suddenly asked to start working from home. So we all did a quick set up of what we thought would be a temporary working space, with enough of a plain wall to serve as backdrop for those Zoom business meetings.

Fast forward to one year later and the home office is still where most of us are. We say there’s no time like the present to fully embrace working from home and transform your space! Consider these ideas to help you turn your home office into a productive workstation.

Where to set-up: Lighting and window treatment

The dream home office set-up would obviously be in a spare bedroom. A dedicated space where you can work in complete privacy and away from the household traffic, especially if you have young kids running about. A garage or an attic may be converted and can be good places too to work in isolation. If you have the extra room, definitely use that and you’ll find office time can easily translate to “me” time, in this best case scenario.

home office showing a woman seating in an office chair holding a mug looking outside with metal office table, computer, speaker and potted plants

Image via Home Klondike

With space constraints, however, not everyone can dedicate an entire room to be their home office. More often than not, it will have to be part of an existing room, or even just a corner, while still trying to achieve an inspiring and quiet place to do the job. The next best thing is thus to make use of existing light to help create a productive ambience in your space.

It is most ideal to position your desk by the window to benefit from as much daylight as possible. There’s something more stimulating with looking at a view, any view really, as opposed to staring at a blank wall. If you originally had a cubicle or a windowless office in the workplace, now is a good time to step out of the box, quite literally.

French window with wooden office desk and white office chair with potted plants and tile flooring

Image via Reno Guide

If mostly working with computers, avoid the glare by installing good shutters or blinds to control the amount of light coming into the room throughout the day. It is good to have a desk lamp to soften the harsh light, or just as add on to room lighting as needed.

Black and white home office concept with white office desk and chair, black fabric window roman blinds, picture frames, computer monitor, weaved basket and brown carpet floor

Image via Blinds

Setting up the Basics: Invest in Good Home Office Furniture

You will be spending at least eight hours a day sitting in your home office. While functionality is the main concern, comfort is a close second. The top three items to invest on: your desk, office chair and storage solutions.

The desk needs to be big enough to accommodate your laptop or desktop, as well as extra space to sort files. One with multi-drawers should provide enough storage for jobs that handle minimal paperwork. For the office chair, it goes without saying that it should be comfortable enough for anyone sitting for any length of time. A swivel chair is a recommended choice, to be able adjust the height to your desk and give you freedom of movement.

Home office showing a wood table, wall shelf, gold table lamp, upholstered seat, guitar, books, iMac computer monitor, plants and white area rug

Image via Essential Home

If your work involves a lot of documents, wall- to-wall shelving should do the trick in keeping you organized, and can be customized to how much overhead space you have. A bookcase is also another versatile and cost efficient addition to storage solutions.

Home office with black table and upholstered office chair, black and white shelves, home decors, books, are rugs, big windows

Indoor Cable Management

It goes without saying that most of us work with electronics, usually with multiple devices. A home office should feel uncluttered, and nothing screams mess (and hazard) than wires running all over the place. Wireless is the best way to go, but if not feasible, make sure to get indoor cable management accessories that will hide the unsightly cords and allow them to be organized and labeled, so as not to accidentally unplug anything. So simple, and yet so important!

Office table with cable management hooks, USB cables, wooden office table

Image via Reno Guide

Decorating your Home Office

This is where the fun comes in! Perhaps the best part of working from home is having complete freedom to decorate your space as you see fit, unlike the workplace. Once you have the basics all set up and sorted, the final thing is to give your office a personal touch, through the following:

  1. Choose your Colors

Choosing the paint color is important in interior design, most especially if you have a windowless home office space. Depending on the job that you do, you will need the right color to stimulate the senses. Calming tones of beige, pastels or light colors give a tranquil feel and have the illusion of a bigger space.

Home office with wood tabletop, accent chairs, open shelves with home decors, wall art and vinyl floor

Image via Reno Guide

If you are in a creative field, bright, happy colors may be better suited to get inspiration flowing. If you’re feeling bold, go for a graphic wallpaper for something fun to look at while you work.

Home office with black painted wall, wood office desk, upholstered office chair, monitor, home decors, pink door, wood plank floor and rattan basket

Image via Cate St Hill

2. Standout Accessories

Going to work need not be boring. Interesting accessories will instantly break the monotony and spruce up a home office. Keep your space free of clutter with just a few, key accents - a little pop of color will go a long way!

Think patterned rugs, an oversized mirror, a statement lamp or piece of art and even a unique chair to keep your space fun. These little touches are doable and can be personalized to suit your taste. The possibilities are endless!

Elegant classic home office with wood office desk, upholstered seat and lounge chair, office shelves with books and home decors

Image via Home Klondike

3. Go for Greenery

Having plants is the easiest way to brighten up a space and achieve a relaxing ambience. Get the added benefit of breathing in clean air by choosing air purifying plants. Read all about our blog on Biophilic Style and see how you can incorporate it in your home office!

Home office with wood table, plastic office chair, wood accents, green wall, wood floor planks, home decors and plants

Image via D for Design

Whether located in an annex, a small bedroom, a garage, or just the corner of a room, it is important to have your dedicated home office space to both be functional and pleasing. With a little creativity, you can have a stimulating space that not only gets the job done, it can also be the place you actually look forward to spending most of your time everyday.

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