One of our very first interior renovation project is a 3 Bedroom Single Detached House in Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. The project was part of a 5 new house development of Taupiri Rise that caters on contemporary style of living.

Below are photos of the existing house. 

single detached house showing facade and living area contemporary

Living area with sofa coffee table sliding glass door to garden

Kitchen with white countertop and cabinets with wood top round dining table

Images via Wellington Sections

Modern Farmhouse Interior Style

The design concept and goal is to bring a modern farmhouse style. Contrasting elements were applied on walls, floors and furniture. The coldness of white, concrete and teal tones are balanced by warm elements such as wood, gold and nude colors.

This approach will create a harmonious connections and balance between all design elements in the room. After all, this space is designed to create a feeling of lightness, brightness and positivity to the owner.

Birds eye view of a living are modern farmhouse style with upholstered green lounge chair white upholstered sofa area rug wood coffee table
Living area with a grey tv wall upholstered sofa and lounge chair luxury vinyl floor
Living area with luxury vinyl planks blue draperies upholstered green lounge chair white upholstered sofa
Living area showing TV wall in grey paint finish and shaker type entertainment cabinets
Hallway with round framed mirror with blue frame windows luxury vinyl planks
Dining area with classic farmhouse chandelier round dining table white dining chair luxury vinyl planks white modern kitchen
White modern kitchen showing white shaker cabinets metal pedant lights white countertop
White modern kitchen with dishwasher farmhouse type sink white countertop
White clean bathroom with painted grey vanity cabinet sink

The design of this two-story house with an approximate total floor area of 130sm was completed December of 2020 and is now awaiting construction. 

The best part of this project is the process of research and combining different and even contrasting elements to come up with a clean yet timeless Modern Farmhouse Style. This was an exciting project and our Client was absolutely happy with the result.

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