We were recently contracted to design the exterior and interior of a two-storey house in The Tropics 4 by Filinvest in Cainta, Rizal. This project was our third house renovation in this massive subdivision development.

"Homey and timeless spaces defined by the perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft, light and dark elements and finishes"


Welcome to our project blog, where we share our journey in this captivating house exterior design project that seamlessly combines the best contemporary and farmhouse aesthetics in The Tropics 4, Cainta, Philippines. This article will explain this unique fusion concept, elements, and inspirations. Join us as we journey through the harmonious blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

The Concept

The contemporary farmhouse design concept takes the timeless charm of a traditional farmhouse and infuses it with sleek and modern elements. It embraces the warmth and simplicity of farmhouse design while incorporating clean lines, minimalist features, and contemporary materials. In this project, we aimed to balance the two styles perfectly, resulting in a visually stunning and inviting exterior.

The contemporary farmhouse design concept takes the timeless charm of a traditional farmhouse and infuses it with sleek and modern elements.

Harmonizing Contrasting Elements

The key to achieving a successful contemporary farmhouse design is harmonizing contrasting elements. This project's exterior was adorned with wood, concrete and metal finishes. Warm-looking composite wood siding, black wall paint accents, and metal trims were carefully selected to create a rustic yet refined look, blending the warmth of farmhouse charm with the sleekness of contemporary design.

The Tropics 2 by Filinvest exterior renovation of two storey single attached house black metal fence

Neutral Color Palette

A neutral colour palette was chosen to enhance the contemporary farmhouse aesthetic. Shades of white, brown, and black were used to create a timeless and sophisticated look. These colours provide a clean and fresh appearance and allow the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape to take center stage.

Exterior house renovation in The Tropics 4 by Filinvest Cainta Rizal with black metal fence

Clean Lines and Minimalist Features

Clean lines and minimalist features characterize the contemporary design. In this project, the exterior showcased sleek windows, geometric shapes, and a streamlined roofline. These elements add a touch of modern sophistication while maintaining the simplicity and functionality of farmhouse design.

two store exterior renovation design modern and industrial farmhouse design

Outdoor Living Spaces

Farmhouse design is known for integrating outdoor living spaces, and this project was no exception. Small outdoor seating areas were incorporated into the design, providing sufficient space for relaxation and enjoying the surrounding nature. These areas were adorned with comfortable furniture, cozy textiles, and potted plants, creating a perfect balance between comfort and countryside charm.

exterior facade renovation with wood composite panels in the Tropics 4 Cainta Rizal Filinvest

Embracing Natural Light

Additional windows and French glass doors were strategically placed throughout the house to maximize natural light and seamlessly connect the interior and exterior spaces. It enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also promotes a sense of openness and allows the beauty of the surrounding scenery to be enjoyed from within.

exterior façade design the tropics 4 cainta rizal filinvest with cantilever roofing

Landscaping and Gardens

We incorporated small, lush landscaping and a pocket garden to enhance the farmhouse ambiance further. Native plants and blooming flowers were carefully curated to create a serene and picturesque outdoor environment. These elements add to the visual appeal and promote a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

exterior facade design with black metal fence

The New Exterior

The contemporary farmhouse exterior design project in Cainta, Philippines, is a testament to the successful blend of modern sophistication and rustic appeal. This project creates a visually stunning and inviting exterior by harmonizing contrasting elements, embracing natural light, and incorporating outdoor living spaces. The blend of contemporary and farmhouse aesthetics offers a unique and captivating design that is timeless and on-trend.

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Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.


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