7 Most Innovative Products for Home Design- Interior Designer's Reviews

7 Most Innovative Products for Home Design- Interior Designer's ReviewsCover Images via Moen & Masonite

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Technology is an ever-changing aspect of our lives that always amazes me; there are always new inventions and things being introduced to people to make our ways of life better, advanced, and more straightforward. Maybe not straightforward for me , some of these new technologies or gadgets are making my life quite complicated. I don't know if it's my age or I'm just not a techie kind of guy. You know what I'm saying, right?

Home interior design or the field of interior design and architecture is not new to these advancements. We have been benefiting from these new design technologies for years. From ancient Egyptian chisels, axels, quarrying methods, and ways of transporting heavy loads to our present time of building skyscrapers, bridges, and roads, we've seen tremendous changes in the design and construction industry.

Alright, I'll stop myself from mentioning construction history too much because I know you can search them on google. But let me bring you back to home interior design and how it benefited from present new technologies. Each year, product manufacturers release new and innovative products that claim solutions from our simple daily problems to more complex global issues.

In interior designs, we're now enjoying various intelligent products to make our day-to-day tasks more manageable and comfortable. As an Architect and Interior designer, I have used some of these products and applied them in most of my home designs because I know that my Client will love, use and benefit from them. So, on this blog, let me share the 7 Most Innovative Products for Home Design that I genuinely recommend.

1) Smart Faucet by Moen

kitchen with the smart faucet by moan with white tiles wood base cabinet white shelves and dinnerware glass mugs and ceramic platesImage via Moen

At the top of my list is a smart kitchen faucet by Moen. Have you ever imagined a life without ever touching your kitchen faucet? I haven't till I saw this exciting and incredible product. It's insane. It has the capability for motion and voice control and its app for customization and other innovative options. Don't worry; the faucet still has a handle for more traditional people like me.

As all we know, the faucet handle is the most touched fixture in the kitchen, if not in the entire house, and surface touching can transmit germs, bacteria, and viruses. A brilliant faucet like this is the perfect solution to solve that kitchen problem. I'm optimistic that the recent pandemic inspires this innovation.

I love how you can program the faucet to release just the right amount of water you need, like you can command it to give you a cup of water; it's like having your assistant chef in your kitchen. It also addresses the global water waste problem since you can program the faucet to give you the right volume of water; therefore, less or no water is wasted.

smart faucet by moen showing different kitchen faucet finishes, stainless steel, matte black, brushed gold, a kid washing her hands using smart faucetImage via Moen

Another great thing about it is that it comes in different finishes, stainless steel, matte black, brushed gold, and a combination of black and gold. It is one of those new technologies in home design that don't need to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve innovation.

 2) Wallpaper by Lonprotect

antiviral wallpaper by lonprtect showing plain wallpaper with a baby truing to stand up and living area with wallpaper with prints of leavesImage via Lonprotect

The second product is another innovation inspired to solve the global pandemic in a very stylish form. The wallpapers from Lonprotect have antibacterial and antiviral properties that are proven to stop the spread of avian coronavirus, avian influenza (H5N3), and norovirus in an interior space. In addition to these valuable properties, their wallpaper is also mold, water, chemical resistant, fire retardant, and durable, just like other high-end wallcoverings.

The best thing that I love about this wallpaper, aside from being antiviral and can stop the spread of the pandemic, is its selection of designs. They have various plain styles in white and cream colors and fun and vibrant printed designs. It would be much cooler if they could do custom prints to cater to a wide range of customers.

antiviral wallpaper by lonprotect how it works diagram and sample finishes with plan and prints wallpaperImage via Lonprotect

Aside from designing homes, I was also involved in hospitality and healthcare projects such as hotels and general hospitals. And I know that this product is what we need for these establishments. Imagine a space that can stop the spread of harmful viruses? It is a wallpaper designed for your peace of mind.

 3) Switchable Smart Film by PDLC

smart film for glass window privacy film showing frosted when turned on and transparent when turned offImage via Amazon

Privacy is essential in home interior designs, and the third product solves that issue. It is one of my favorite products because it's an excellent solution for privacy and other issues on using draperies such as maintenance and cleaning.

It is called switchable privacy film for windows or other glass partitions in your house, offices, or any other interior spaces that require privacy without having to put blinds or curtains. I remember when this system came out with an actual window with some particular gas between the double pane glass panel. And that was expensive, and you needed to replace your entire window to install the system.

switchable privacy film for glass windowsImage via Amazon

However, the improved product comes only with a film that you stick on your existing window. It also comes with its switch, which is battery-operated (there might be a way to hardwire the switch and program it for other windows). I'm not sure if someone is still developing this product, but would it be much more cooler if they could incorporate patterns or custom prints instead of just making the glass frosted when switched on?

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4) Smart Art Frame by Meural

digital frame with painting that can be controlled via app or voice command by alexaImage via Amazon

I love art and gallery walls; that's why I included this innovative product to display arts and photos in a digital yet stylish way. The Meural Canvas digital frame comes in two sizes of 19" x 29" and 16" x 24" variety of wood frame finishes, just like any other modern yet timeless classic frames that you can buy in most home décor shops.

However, this is not your ordinary framed artwork you mount on your wall; you can program it to change to different artworks, paintings, and even your photographs. Its mobile app lets you control and change the photos and connect them to Alexa for additional voice control options. How amazing is that? It reminds me of pictures from the movie Harry Potter.

smart digital artwork frame interior decoration with different painting in digital artsImage via Amazon

I'm planning to create a wall gallery in my rented apartment, and I'm having a hard time because I only have limited space on my wall, yet I want to put a lot of artwork and photos on it. I thought a digital frame such as this product would be a great solution to my problem.

5) Superpaint Interior Acrylic with Air Purifying Technology and Superpaint Interior Latex with Sanitizing Technology by Sherwin Williams

superpaint sherwin williams with air purifying technology in flat interior design showing bedroom bed and wooden floor and ceiling with peach color painted wallImage via Sherwin Williams

I firmly believe interior paints suggest a space's overall look, style, and design, especially for walls. That's why I always recommend the best and most innovative type of paint (paint colors are for another discussion) for my Client because I know it's a wise investment and they will benefit in the long run.

Sherwin Williams released two of their paints with innovative properties, the Superpaint Interior Acrylic with Air Purifying Technology and Superpaint Interior Latex with Sanitizing Technology. The paint with air purifying technology can reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) from carpets and fabrics and eliminate common household odors. While the other paint can sanitize the walls and prevent certain bacteria on painted surfaces which I thought is what we need now.

superpaint with sanitizing technology by sherwin williams dining area and kitchen showing white painted walls and furniture bar stool with windowImage via Sherwin Williams

Paints by Sherwin William is an excellent option for wall finishes and have the highest quality. But to have these two new technologies for paints is beyond amazing. You don't want to miss this type of investment when selecting your wall paint for your house or any other commercial spaces.

 6) Smart Shower by Moen

smart shower by moen a girl on bed controlling the shower app on her phone showing the bathroom on backgroundImage via Moen

Another smart plumbing fixture by Moen is their Smart Shower. Like their smart kitchen faucet, you'll now have the power to control your shower by voice, phone, or controller. I know, it sounds fancy. But, if I got that extra cash, this is an excellent addition to my mini spa space, my bathroom.

The fantastic thing about this smart shower is that you can preset your preferred water temperature, time your shower, and even tell you when your shower is ready. It sounds too much, but if you think of it, all these additional options can save water and your precious morning time in the long run.

a girl controlling her shower temperature in her bathroom from the smart shower controllerImage via Moen

You can customize your shower set based on your preferred number and finishes of spray head, body spray, and hand shower. Now, this is a shower and spa combined in your bathroom.

 7) Smart Door from Masonite

masonite smart door system with masonite power adapter, masonite mobile app and door with glazing installedImage via Masonite

The final product is a Smart Door from Masonite. They just introduced this product on their website; I'm not sure if it is already available. You may need to fill up their online form to include yourself on their waiting list.

Before writing this blog, I researched innovative and new products for doors. Usually, the products that come out are smart locks and other fingerprint door levers, which I thought have been in the market for quite some time now. Fortunately, I found this product from Masonite, a Smart Door (it sounds intriguing and exciting) with all the other intelligent products upgraded in one door.

masonite smart door with ring door bell, yale smart lock and fiber glass door with different colors and designsImage via Masonite

Its mobile app, integrated power, and battery backup come with motion sensor lights. It also has an integrated ring video doorbell, Yale smart lock, and sensor to let you know if the door is opened or closed, is made out of premium fiberglass door, and comes in different style options. Whew, that's a lot for a single door; this could be the most ingenious door ever made, right? I'm just so excited to see and use this door in person and would love to do a product review specifically for this door once it's out to the market—such a fantastic product to close off my list.

I enjoyed doing this blog and would love to make this a series of product reviews. I've been using and seeing many products, whether interior or exterior finishes, plumbing fixtures, paints, lighting, furniture, and furnishings. The one thing that always sticks around is that those products are both innovative and timeless.

I selected and featured these products because they have both of the best properties and are here as solutions to our current problems. Some of them might be too expensive for our budget. However, they are all great investment and could give you a return on your money in the long run. As I would always say to my Clients, what you put in your space can be potential investments, it may not give you your money back. Still, it can provide peace of mind, relaxation, joy, and security that will inspire you generate income from your business or work.

However, one last piece of advice is that these products are great and will make our lives and day-to-day tasks more accessible and comfortable. But you have to make a wise decision when purchasing these types of products for your house, keep in mind your style, purpose of buying and if you need them. I need a few of these products in my home (maybe the smart shower and door). Having the latest technology in your house is nice, but having a home with your style that makes you relax and live meaningfully is nicer. Trust me; it's possible to combine both but don't sacrifice one from the other.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blogs. I aim to impart more than a decade of design (primarily interior designs) knowledge and experience through reviews, tips, inspirations, and DIYs. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoy writing my blogs; feel free to comment below, email me at rbutaran@rocabudesigns.com, or subscribe to our newsletter for fresh blog updates.

Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.


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