blog cover image showing renderings of bungalow house designed by Rocabu designs

 We had a tremendous and exciting opportunity to be involved in conceptualizing a bungalow house in Florida, USA. The design is for the retirement home of a fantastic couple who found us online and thought our design styles and process were what they were looking for in their new home.

Our clients love to travel and collect valuable pieces of art, memorabilia, and other memorable stuff from around the world. I would say that they are one of the jolliest and most inspiring people I've met, they are full of positive vibes, and you'll know right away that they are good people.

When they emailed us about the project and told us their visions and goals for their new house, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to talk to them and accepted the challenge of conceptualizing their soon-to-be retirement home. So after a terrific design process, here are the details of the concept and design outcome of the house's exterior.

The Project Brief

floor plan sketch showing interior spaces client requirements

Image showing the sketch for the first draft of space planning with all the preliminary requirements from the Clients. 

The Clients require us to conceptualize a bungalow house constructed in a gated community in Florida, USA. The building footprint should be less than half the land's area. They also want a three-car garage separated from the actual house, many outdoor patios, path walks, and a lap pool. They both love greeneries, good landscaping, and indoor plants, so it is essential to incorporate some connections between outdoor and indoor landscaping.

The Design Concept

Based on the overall requirements, we made sure that the floor plan will have a balance between shared and private spaces yet still be proper to be an open plan concept. The front of the house will have a massive front porch with an opening to both the entrance and dining area.

conceptual floor plan showing all house space including landscaping

We incorporated an indoor garden at the entrance to create a biophilic wow factor to welcome them and their guests. You'll also notice that we made plenty of exterior perimeter decking as a pathway to the backyard patio, pool, and separate three-car garage.

Overall, the floor plan itself is very stylish, like the couple. It answers to the Client's goals of letting outdoor greeneries in their indoor spaces and spacious and open plan concept yet not sacrificing the privacy for other rooms.

exterior design mood board showing conceptual images The design intent for the overall exterior concept is to create a modern yet timeless façade for the house. The Client wanted a more horizontal approach for their home, which we thought the best way to do is by introducing horizontal exposed framing. It will make the house look contemporary in style. And to mellow down the sturdiness of exposed horizontal beams, we used Mediterranean-style windows with arches and massive openings with glass panels.

exterior renderings of a bungalow house, modern and contemporary style with clean horizontal exposed beams, landscaping, rad and a green car

The Design Outcome

The exterior concept and overall design resulted from a smooth collaboration between our team and the clients. Their visions and goals that were collected and inspired during their travels helped us to conceptualize and eventually come up with a great house design that they love and are happy to contract from when the time comes that they are ready to settle.

Rear view of the bungalow house design showing lap pool, patio, decking with grass backyard and nice sunny weather

The house will surely bring joy to our clients, and we made sure that the design is timeless and will give them peace of mind when they finally start the construction. This project will forever be unique in our hearts because we delivered a fresh take on modern and Mediterranean home design and built a fantastic connection with our Clients.

Below are few of the other exterior renderings of the house, we will soon post a separate article showing our design and process that we did for the interior of the house.

front façade of the bungalow house showing three windows front yard and an indoor garden

front of bungalow house with the separate three car garage


Thank you for stopping by and checking out our past projects. Feel free to email me at rbutaran@rocabudesigns.com for design inquiries or questions about this project, and subscribe to our newsletter for our new project updates.

Together, let's create meaningful and beautiful spaces.



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