This interior house renovation project is a continuation of the Exterior House Design we did in Cainta, Rizal.

As we mentioned in the exterior design of this beautiful house, our goal was to combine all natural and organic features of the site which resulted to a soothing and calming environment for users.

We wanted the interior design to connect with all that's happening outside of the house, pocket gardens and all tropical features that we created in the exterior were used as inspirations to bring in the warmth of nature. One of the major requirements of the Client is to extend the house to add more indoor spaces and rooms and utilize the site to its maximum allowable space. 

Below are photos of the existing interior spaces to be renovated.

The most challenging part of the design process was the space planning, however, we were fortunate enough that the Client already had a strong vision of what spaces she needed and required inside the house. The connections  between the existing and new house extension should be planned well to create a smooth flow between spaces. As a result of proper planning and space considerations, we came up with an effective floor plan based on our Client's main requirements.


Fast forward to our most favorite part, the interior design conceptualization. The nature that we emphasized from the exterior design of this house has a huge part of creating the overall vibe of the interior design.

Aside from bringing in all natural features of the site, interior spaces will have a base style derived from two of the best design styles, classic and minimalist. Both styles will help to create a clean, cozy and timeless interior environment.

All interior finishes were selected based on their natural and organic feel and how cohesive they will look when combined. Most warm tones will come from wood finishes and cool tones from wall coverings, hard surfaces and paints.

Both fixtures and lightings were included in the package to help our Client with the overall vision of interior spaces. All appliances and plumbing fixtures are in stainless steel finishes while lighting fixtures will have a combination of black and gold metals and clear glass.

As a result, we created spaces that look all natural, clean, cozy and very welcoming. Spaces to relax and socialize with family and friends or simply a sanctuary for our Client to enjoy after a long day of work.

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