One of our favorite spaces to design are living room and kitchen. That's why we are very happy when we're asked to upgrade the existing ground floor of this two story house. The area consists of the entrance, living area, dining and kitchen.

Below are photos of the existing house.


The main design objective for the ground floor is to create a continuous identity for all spaces that is sophisticated, chic, serene, artistic and at the same time, bright. To achieve this objective, it is essential to use subtle color tones such as white paint, marble and some accent elements such as gold and wood. Its continuous identity will come from feature moldings and wainscoting. As a result, all spaces will look vivid yet glamourous giving owners a calm, relaxing yet sophisticated abode.

vignette showing light palette kitchen with wood floor

entrance showing cabinet wall wainscoting marble tiles

entrance door closet shaker cabinet marble floor

finishes selections

furniture selections

lighting selections

living area with are rug marble floor wainscoting white painted wall wall moldings

Dining area with wood dining table, chandelier upholstered dining chairs marble flooring white painted walls wainscoting ceiling moldings

modern kitchen with white shaker cabinet stainless steel appliances china cabinet

china cabinet modern kitchen white shaker cabinets marble floormodern kitchen shaker cabinet marble floor

This was a design success for our team and the client. We were able to come up with a clean yet sophisticated and timeless interior design.

It was a pleasure working with the Client as well as being part of their house's interior renovations. 

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