Elevate Your Space with Wall Art: Best Design Tips for Placement and Style

Hello, design enthusiasts! Let's chat about wall art and how these fantastic wall decorations can turn your space from blah to fabulous. While you've got a moment, let's also dive into some design tips for picking out the perfect wall art and tricks for hanging them up.

Elevate Your Space with Wall Art: Best Design Tips for Placement and Style

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What is Wall Art?

Botanical Framed Wall Art, Black Square Picture Frame Set with Plant Tropical Green Leaf Art Prints for Bathroom Decoration, 4 PanelsBotanical Framed Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Before we get down to business, let's chit-chat about these wall adornments. Wall art - a striking decorative piece usually hung up on the wall. Mostly, they're paintings or prints, but they can also be decals, sculptures, or tapestries.

Wall art can be the perfect starting point for your preferred interior design style or a finishing touch to tie in all design elements in your space after the renovation. The primary purpose of wall art is to inject your personality into your space and evoke positive emotions. Its ability to add character, style, and warmth to any room makes it an essential part of any home décor.

Design Tips for Placing and Styling Wall Art

Think About the Purpose

Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow Wall Decor, Abstract Framed Wall Art, Botanical Wall Art, Floral Prints Wall Art - 24x36 inchesAbstract Framed Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Your chosen artwork should complement the room's function and enhance the intended atmosphere. Go for motivational quotes or abstract art in a home office to ignite your creative spark. Opt for calming and soothing artwork in a bedroom to help you unwind.

Size and Scale is a Big Deal

Large Canvas Wall Art Girl Umbrella With Khaki Dress Walking in Street Rain Modern Print Painting Big Abstract Artwork for Office Home DecorGirl with Umbrella Canvas Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Before purchasing wall art, measure the width and height of the wall and consider the actual size and scale of the art. For a balanced composition, your room's wall art should be well-proportioned with other elements such as decor, furniture, and lighting.

Play Around With Various Wall Arts

12x12 Gold Square Picture Frame Set, Gallery Wall Art Decorative Wall Hanging-Made to Display Photo 12x12 without mat and 8x8 with Mat, 9 PackGallery Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

Adding different wall art pieces can bring depth, visual interest, and personality to any room. Got an empty wall in your hallway or living room? Get creative with a wall gallery using different frame sizes and prints. This will give your space a thrilling and one-of-a-kind touch!

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Mix up your family photos, paintings, and even some 3D wall art to create a wild variety of textures and colors on your walls!

Decide on the Focal Point

Lake Wall Art for Aisle Corridor, Black and White Pier with Birds Flying Canvas Prints Decor, Vertical Wharf Mountain landscapeLake Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

A focal point is a must-have in any room; it could be a hallway's endpoint, a fireplace, or a wall in your living room. Once you've chosen, go for wall art that's bold and eye-catching enough to turn heads or spark a conversation.

Don't forget the importance of balance and harmony! Choose wall art that perfectly complements your color palette and interior design style.

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    Pay Attention to Placement

    Portrait Large Framed Wall Art, Woman Standing Reading Vintage Art Decor Room Aesthetic, 16X24 Inch Canvas Print Art, Farmhouse Painting Wall Decor for Bedroom Bathroom OfficeWoman Reading Vintage Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

    The placement of your wall art is highly important. Generally, the center of the artwork should be positioned around 60" to 63" above the floor. However, this may vary according to the height of your ceilings and the furniture arrangement in the room.

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    Top 10 Killer Wall Art Picks That Will Amp up Your Space and Make a Bold Statement!

    1) Modern Abstract Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Modern Abstract Wall Art Prints Set of 6 Geometric Minimalist Mid Century Mod Wall Art Decor, Unframed 8x10 Inch

    If you're after a hip and trendy atmosphere, abstract wall art is the way to go. This canvas print showcases a collection of six colorful abstract designs inspired by nature, the ocean, sunset, and waves.

    2) Floral Prints (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Botanical Prints and Floral Wall Art - By Haus and Hues (Lavender, 11x14 Black Framed)

    Floral prints can be bold and hectic; this minimalist floral print wall art is your go-to if that's not your cup of tea. It's a set of six prints showcasing various flowers and leaves in a minimalist fashion- perfect for a chilled yet trendy interior design style.

    3) Metal Line Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Metal Wall Art for Bedroom Minimalist Design Wall Sculptures Decor Lovers Kissing Line Artwork Home Living Room Bathroom Decorative (black, 11" x 16")

    These wall sculptures are top-notch conversation starters! Trust me, this minimalist metal line artwork is guaranteed to impress. It's a must-have for sleek bedrooms, study areas, and home offices with a modern or contemporary vibe.

    4) Vintage Hanging Posters (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Vintage Butterflies Hanging Poster, Retro Style of Wall Art Prints, Printed on Linen with Wood Frames, Ready to Hang

    Sprinkle a pinch of nostalgia with vintage posters. This linen-printed hanging poster with wooden frames adds oodles of charm and character to any room.

    5) Landscape Prints (BUY ON AMAZON)

    all Art White Flower Wall Decor Beach Wall Art Picture Painting Canvas Wall Art for Living Room Landscape Paintings Artwork Canvas Prints Framed Large Wall Decor 20”x 40”

    Inject some personality into your space with this canvas print of a landscape painting. This wall art will bring good vibes and whisk your space away to a serene and chill paradise.

    6) Nature Photography Wall Arts (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Nature Wall Art Prints Set of 6 Mountain Decor Canvas Wall Art Landscape Print Nature Posters Lake Boat Pictures Nature Photography Art Posters for Home Living Bedroom Decor (8"x10" UNFRAMED)

    Snap stunning landscapes with this collection of photography prints. These prints bring a moody vibe that's perfect for bedrooms and creative spaces- a great way to add a personal touch!

    7) Macrame Wall Hangings (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Large Macrame Wall Hanging, Boho Leaves Macrame Tapestry Wall Decor Handmade Woven Hanging Decor Chic Bohemian Wall Art Home Decoration for Bedroom Living Room Nursery Office

    Add some textile wall hangings, like macramé, to give your walls texture and warmth. This boho-inspired piece will make any room feel cozy and inviting.

    8) Motivational Quotes Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Funny Dorm Posters Quotes Wall Decor - Funny Posters for College Dorm Room Wall Decor Motivational Poster Funny Office Decor for Women Office Decor | Tomorrow (Beige Framed, 12x16)

    Get motivated and inspired with wall art showcasing inspirational quotes. Whether it's a catchy phrase or a powerful mantra, these prints serve as a daily dose of positivity and focus - ideal for study spaces and home office accent walls.

    9) Animal Abstract Hand-painted Wall Art- NORWAY (BUY ON KLINE COLLECTIVE)

    hand-painted wall art curated by Kline Collective

    Elevate your space in a sophisticated, stylish way with this set of paintings showcasing abstract elk (or moose) silhouettes. Perfect as focal points for living room, dining, and bedrooms.

    10) Personalized Artwork- WOMAN IN ME (BUY ON KLINE COLLECTIVE)

    hand-painted wall art curated by Kline Collective

    Add a hint of personalization with custom or hand-painted art. This piece showcases an abstract female form - perfect for infusing your bedroom or living room with a touch of sentimentality.

    Wall art can totally amp up your space, turning it into a stylish and personalized retreat. Whether you dig abstract prints, lush botanical designs, or awesome customized artwork, the ultimate wall art is just waiting to jazz up your home.

    Nature Large Framed Wall Art, The Alpine Pastures Vintage Art Decor Room Aesthetic, 16X24 Inch Canvas Print Art, Mountain Landscape Painting Wall Decor for Bedroom Bathroom OfficeNature Wall Art (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Consider the size, scale, placement, and type of your wall art to create a mind-blowing display that screams your personality and levels up the overall aesthetic of your home. So, pick the dopest wall art that speaks to you and turns your space into a visually captivating haven.

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