Top 10 Most Unique Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Holiday Sparkle!

The festive season is here, so let's get ready to jazz up our spaces with some tree-trimming fun! While classic ornaments like stars, angels, and baubles are always a hit, why not sprinkle in some quirky pieces to bring playfulness and personality to your holiday décor? Here are our top 10 unique Christmas ornaments that will make your holiday sparkle.


Top 10 Most Unique Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Holiday Sparkle!

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1) Hand of Fatima (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

Hand Of Fatima Ornament Bright

Let's start the list with this bold palm-shaped amulet that features the Hand of Fatima. This ornament will surely add an intricate detail to your Christmas tree- the symbol is also believed to ward off bad luck.

2) Midcentury Italian Fireman (BUY ON ONE KINGS LANE)

Midcentury Italian Fireman Ornament

Are you a fan of midcentury arts and sculpture? If yes, this cute yet classy blown glass ornament is a unique addition to your collection. The ornament features a cartoon figure firefighter in a grey and white uniform- the red hat and yellow hose detail made this piece extraordinary.

3) Kurt S. Adler Wood Pearlized Guitar (BUY ON AMAZON)

Kurt Adler 5.52" Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament

If you're a musician or a music lover, this unique wooden guitar is a must on your Christmas tree. This ornament has strings, tuning pegs, frets and a pearlized wood body; it even comes with a detailed hinge case.

4) Jetsetter Suitcase (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

Jetsetter Suitcase Ornament

This unique ornament will remind you of all the beautiful places you've visited in the past years and the great memories from those adventures. It features a silver suitcase with stickers from famous landmarks worldwide- a perfect Christmas tree ornament for those who love to travel.

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    5) Felt Friends (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

    Felt Friends Ornament

    These group of felt friends sure look friendly, cute and ready to sprinkle fun on your Christmas tree. The set of ornaments features four different designs, all handmade from wool felt- it's like having a group of fun characters hanging on your tree.

    6) Jar of Pickles (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Old World Christmas Jar of Pickles Blown Glass 2020 Unique Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Tree Decorations

    Tell me of someone who doesn't like a jar of pickles. No one! Everybody loves pickles, and this glass blown and hand painted ornament is a sure favourite accent on your tree- excellent as a gift for pickle superfans.

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    7) S'mores Ice Fisherman (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Midwest CBK S'mores Ice Fisherman Christmas Ornament

    If you're looking for a unique ornament that will add joy to your Christmas tree and big smiles on your kid's face, this s'mores ice fisherman is definitely a good one. This ornament is made from resin polymer stone and features fine craftsmanship and stunning details.

    8) Ramen Ornament (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

    Ramen Ornament

    Ramen for a wintry Xmas eve? You bet! I'd slurp down a bowl. This handmade glass ornament showcases a meticulously crafted bowl of ramen (the real deal) and is guaranteed to be a total ice breaker on your Christmas tree.

    9) Bob Marley Ornament (BUY ON ABC CARPET & HOME)

    Bob Marley Ornament

    Need a little something to spice up your Christmas tree ornament collection? Well, hold on tight because this rockin' felt Bob Marley ornament is about to bring the reggae vibes you've been craving!

    10) Personalized Photo Christmas Ball (BUY ON AMAZON)

    Personalized Photo Ball Christmas Ornaments - Custom Double-Sided Picture Christmas Ornaments 2023, Ornaments for Christmas Trees, Christmas Decor, Xmas Gifts for Mom Dad Pets Kids Friends

    To cap it off, this custom stylish sphere is our top ten quirkiest Christmas baubles. There's nothing quite like displaying your most treasured memory on your tree, surrounded by your loved ones. Plus, it makes a perfect gift for your pals and fam!

    Why not get these unique Christmas ornaments to show off your personality and make your tree totally you? Go ahead and think outside the box this holiday season, spice things up! Your tree will be the talk of the town!

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