Foyer Makeover Part 2 (The Transformed Space)

Hi, fellow interior design enthusiasts. Get ready for the second part of my blog series where I plunge headfirst into the crazy adventure of revamping my entryway.

Prepare for an epic dive into the thrilling conclusion of my DIY foyer makeover journey, leading to the grand reveal of the awesomely transformed space. Be sure to catch up on part 1 of this blog series to get the details about my initial design concept and how I kicked off the space transformation.

Foyer Makeover

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Just to sum it up real quick, I wrapped up most of the wall painting in the first part of the blog and got started on giving the door and door frame a stylish black makeover. You'll also recall the wallpaper I put up on the feature wall (I totally messed up the first attempt). It looks awesome with the white and green walls.

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Decorative Light Installation

Decorative Pendant Light with ribbed glass shade

I chose the exact pendant light from my mood board when I did the pre-design stage of the makeover. The pendant's ribbed glass shade added a touch of charm and lifted the overall look of the space.

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I switched out all three old directional lights for these fab decorative pendant lights. And guess what? The glass shades create these playful shadows on the ceiling, adding depth and character to the room.

Artwork Installation

foyer artwork installation

The transformation ain't complete without a wall masterpiece that'll totally steal the show. As I mentioned in my blog, wall art adds oodles of personality and charm to your space.

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I stumbled upon this nice black-and-white photo of a lighthouse against the backdrop of the mighty ocean. It totally takes me back to my homeland, and the wooden frame vibes perfectly with the cool green wall.

Feature Wallpaper

feature wallpaper with tropical leaves and bird pattern on black background

The wallpaper I picked for the corner has leaves and birds on a black background- a tropical vibe but subtle. I even framed it with a wood strip from Home Depot to hide any imperfections.

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Overall, the feature wallpaper gave the foyer a ton of charm and character. I'm stoked I made this corner the focal point!

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    Furniture and Decor Pieces

    arch mirror with wooden frame, tropical inspired wallpaper and faux banana plant

    The foyer's got a fancy statement mirror that's both functional and fabulous. With its intricate frame, it adds a touch of glamour, reflecting the beauty of the tropical-inspired wallpaper and artwork. Plus, it gives the illusion of a bigger space, making the foyer open and airy.

    bench with upholstered seat and wooden legs and with shoe storage

    For style and function, I brought in an entryway bench with an upholstered seat and wooden legs. The bench worked as a spot to sit and put on shoes, while also storing those shoes and other stuff. The design fits right in with the foyer's look, giving it a practical and stylish touch.

    faux banana plant with concrete pot

    Also, I threw in a faux plant with huge banana leaves to jazz up the area and contribute to the tropical atmosphere. I matched it with a concrete pot (super weighty) that I snagged from a local plant shop in Calgary.

    foyer are rug persian style

    Finally, we popped in an area rug to anchor the space and add some toasty vibes. This rug is all about those subtle patterns and colors that scream Persian style, embracing the overall design scheme. It not only added comfort underfoot but also brought all the foyer elements together, making an inviting space.

    The Transformed Foyer

    DIY foyer transformation

    After much prepping, painting, and hunting for the perfect furnishings and decor, we can finally bask in the glory of our revamped foyer. Ehla is loving the fresh entryway bench and rug with a touch of Persian flair.

     Black main door, wooden floor, green wall and glass pendant light for the new transformed foyerThe color combo of black, white, and green adds a vibrant yet moody vibe to the new foyer. Oh, and check out the wooden ladder I threw in for hanging scarves, hats, and coats instead of boring old racks or hooks!

    foyer transformation with tropical inspired wallpaper, glass pendant lights and green painted wallAll these fresh elements in the revamped foyer work harmoniously. Most of them draw inspiration from nature, combining the solid and soft to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

    foyer DIY makeoverThe modular cabinet I kept is a perfect match for the fresh paint colors, entryway bench, and area rug. And I purposely left the big white wall leading to the hallway empty, like a blank canvas for my Hallway DIY makeover (watch out!).

    final foyer makeover reveal
    This is definitely my top pick for this new entryway; I mean, it's just an entrance, but with this totally groovy space, it's like you'll never want to leave this cool corner!
    diy foyer makeover

    Wow, the transformation of this apartment foyer is seriously mind-blowing! The space is like a whole new world with vibrant wall paint, tropical-inspired feature wallpaper, new artwork, fancy glass pendant lights, a trendy mirror, a practical entryway bench, and a stylish area rug.

    It's now got this totally chill tropical vibe and acts as this super inviting entrance to the apartment. This makeover shows how creative design and tiny details can totally change a room and turn it into a total reflection of personal style, creating this cozy and friendly vibe that you can enjoy for yourself and your guests.

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