Hallway Makeover Part 2 (The Finished Look and Design Elements)

Hello, fellow interior design enthusiasts! Welcome to the next installment of my Hallway DIY Makeover saga! Get ready to see the epic finale of all my sweat and tears.

Hallway Makeover Part 2 (The Finished Look and Design Elements)

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In this blog post, I'll reveal some design secrets I used to rock this makeover. I trust my journey sparks your DIY creativity. Let's dive in!

The Finished Overall Look

newly transformed hallway with white painted walls, black barn doors, wooden console table and hardwood flooring

My hallway just got a whole new vibe after some serious TLC. What was once a snooze fest is now a total mood booster for the entire house!

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Now, every time I walk through my hallway, I can't help but do a little happy dance. It's like a party for my feet! Check out this little preview of the end result to get a taste of the vibe and style of the space.

Color Scheme

hallway console table with drawers in walnut laminate finish complete with decors such as steel golden tray, golden vase and books

The hallway revamp had a bunch of design bits; the color scheme was vital. I went with a chill white and brown mix jazzed up with pops of black. It totally changed the vibe! 

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Picking a calm white hue for the hallway walls spruces up the look of the other design elements! Choosing a serene ivory shade for the hallway walls elevates the surrounding decor's aesthetic!


renovated hallway with existing hardwood flooring, black barn door and white painted walls

I kept the excellent hardwood flooring to boost the hallway's style game. The wood's cozy vibes add class and mesh perfectly with the other rooms, giving off a chill and put-together vibe.

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    renovated hallway with flush mounted decorative light fixtures, hardwood flooring, white painted walls and black barn doors

    Brighten up any space's vibe with some excellent lighting, hallways included! I popped in some flush-mount lights to light up the area and add style to the decor.

    These lights bring a warm and comfy vibe to the hallway, making strolls through it a delight!

    Wall Décor

    hallway with gallery wall, white painted walls, black barn doors, existing hardwood flooring and flush mount decorative light fixtures

    I took the initiative to improve the aesthetics of my hallway by incorporating a vibrant gallery wall. I will carefully curate a selection of photos to create a visually appealing and personalized focal point.

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    Additionally, I previously installed a full-height mirror during my DIY foyer renovation that complements the overall look of the space.

    Storage Solutions

    console table with drawers in walnut laminate finish

    When revamping a hallway, it's crucial to think about storage options to steer clear of messy and chaotic areas. I went with a smart storage fix to tackle this problem by adding a chic console table with drawers.

    This addition offers plenty of space for my daily must-haves like keys and mail, ensuring everything stays neat and useful.

    Accent Pieces

    hallway decor such as gold vase with dried eucalyptus leaves, books, gold tray and accent print on frame

    I nailed down the accent pieces to boost the room's vibe. I chose ones that matched the color scheme and amplified the overall look.

    I put up this rad print that I got as a gift above the console table. I teamed it with one of my table lamps and a stylish gold metal tray for a super cool and visually appealing vibe!

    The DIY hallway glow-up is a wrap, and I'm over the moon with the fresh vibe. With color schemes, floor flair, light tricks, wall wonders, storage secrets, and accent magic, I've crafted a hallway that's stylish and super functional!

    I hope this blog post has given you inspo and tips for your hallway revamp. Stay tuned for more cool DIY projects!

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